Don't Be an Onlooker: Decide Your Future with Your Conscience

Zhen Zhen

PureInsight | August 6, 2007

[] Person A said
to person B: "Do you know that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has
harvested organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and sold them for

B said: "I have received the pamphlet like that at my door step."

A said: "Falun Gong practitioners clarify the truth to people to awaken
people's conscience. The CCP is so cruel in dealing with those common

B said: "It is because they are against the CCP. Don't mix up with this
thing. Just look after your family and live your own life."

A few days later, B said to A: "The newspapers all talk about floods,
typhoons, earthquakes, rat disasters, and hog cholera on their front
pages every day. Why are there so many disasters?"

A said: "It could be due to retribution!"

B said: "How can you be so unsympathetic? Those who died were just common people!"

The term "common people" in a despotic country often refers to the
social stratum of the powerless. They don't have any choice of their
ruler. They enjoy times of peace and prosperity if they have a wise
ruler. They suffer under despotism if their rule is a tyrant.
Regardless of whether they are under a wise ruler or a tyrant, common
people use the traditional ethical and moral standards to guide their
thoughts, their words, and their acts. They kneel before evil and
always do as told. When they become accomplices of evil and abandon
heaven's law of good being rewarded with good and evil with evil, they
will face endless misfortune and suffering. In western society or
democratic countries, citizens may have more privileges. But when
militarism or the Nazi ideology becomes the popular will and when
common people stray away from peace and universal fraternity, the world
will fall under the shadow of a war. That is to say, regardless of
whether the common people are in a despotic country or a democratic
society, they are not simply onlookers of some historical play. They
play an indispensable role in history and will drift along with the
weariness for years.

Let us look at the common people under the despotic rule of the CCP.
The Party always shouts loudly: "Only the people are the force in
creating world history." Actually, the CCP regards the Chinese people
as their natural resource. They utilize modern science and technology
and cheap labor, and overdraw national territory, mineral products, and
natural resources, on which our descendants will depend. They use ten
percent of the GDP's growth to put on a beautiful appearance and then
levy a 30 percent tax to empty common people's pockets. The thievery of
the CCP exceeds all tyrannies in history. They use the dazzling outer
appearance to deceive the common people such that they are perfectly
happy to accept their thievery.

As common people gain awareness of the CCP's deceitful tricks, with its
tradition of cheating, the CCP changes their techniques from time to
time to prevent common people, who are closed off from outside
information, from escaping their vicious circle. The "mass campaigns"
launched in the past provoked one segment of common people to fight
against another segment of common people, even massacre each other. The
persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has reached the peak of
perfection during the tyrannical CCP's reign. The CCP controls the
media and uses them as their mouthpiece to slander Falun Gong. They use
lies such as "committing suicide," "self-immolation," "playing
politics," and "anti-China" to incite the hatred of the common people
towards Falun Gong.

Because of the CCP culture, which treats those they have designated as
"class enemies" with "absolute cruelty like the harsh winter," and the
fear caused by numerous political movements, the common people have
adopted the attitude of onlookers who have totally lost their ethical
standards and become numb and indifferent when they see the cruel
tortures of dissidents and Falun Gong practitioners, even the wicked
harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. The CCP uses
modern medical technology to sell the organs of Falun Gong
practitioners as commercial products. They keep people unaware of their
sanguine acts and deaf to the miserable groans from pain. They use the
so-called civilized achievement to carry out this atrocity that has
never before happened on this planet. Don't those numb people who have
seen such scenes know that an enraged Heaven is also watching what the
common people have done?

After the great flood in remote antiquity, Noah, who believed in God,
was safe in his Ark. The Romans who were fond of watching the wild
animals tear Christians apart were eliminated by two third after they
underwent three great plagues. Today, the contrast between good and
evil is very clear. People's futures depend on their attitudes.

Heaven changes history and the earth bears the weight of history. Who
can be the onlooker, dissociating from the mundane world during
numerous reincarnations?

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