Kindness Is Golden

Guan Ming

PureInsight | August 1, 2007

[] There are
many honest and kind people in this world. However, with the moral
degeneration, people some times think that kind people are foolish and
stupid. In reality, kindness is the highest virtue. We admire people
who do good deeds. Only when a person has a kind heart, can he perfect
his life. People will not suffer because of their kind hearts and kind
deeds but will receive blessings instead. Kind-hearted people will
derive joy from other's happiness instead of from their misery. Heaven
helps people with virtue and, therefore, disasters may really be
blessings in disguise for them. Those who are cunning and consider
themselves smart cannot change their shameful ends.

One day, during the World War II, General Eisenhower, the Supreme
Allied Commander in Western Europe, was riding back to his headquarters
in France to attend an urgent meeting. It was a bitter cold day with
heavy snow flurries. While the vehicle was traveling at high speed,
Eisenhower saw an older French couple sitting by the roadside. He
immediately asked one of the interpreters to inquire. One assistant
reminded him, "We must get back to headquarters on time and matters
like this is best left for the police to deal with." But Eisenhower
insisted and said, "If we wait for the police to handle this, they will
freeze to death." After some inquiries, Eisenhower found out that the
old couple wanted to join their son in Paris, but they had had car
trouble on their way. Since there was no village or inn in the
vicinity, they did not know what to do. Eisenhower heard that and
invited them to get in the car and escorted them to Paris. Afterwards,
he hurried back to the headquarters.

General Eisenhower did not expect to be rewarded for his kind deed but
he was. On that particular day, the German soldiers were hidden and
intended to ambush him on his way back to headquarters. The German
soldiers planned to assassinate him. Because his kindness toward the
older couple altered his route, he was spared. If Eisenhower had died
in the ambush, we believe that the history of World War II would have
to be rewritten.

What is the most precious in this world? Victor Hugo said, "Kindness is
a rare treasure in history and kind people are magnificent." Mark Twin
said, "Kindness is a universal language which enables the blind to see
and the deaf to hear." A kind heart is shiny like gold or pure like
morning dew. Kind-hearted people are generous and tolerant. They can
co-exist with everything in this universe and bring joy to sentient
beings. Those who do good deeds and ask for nothing in return would
normally be rewarded far beyond their expectations. That is the eternal
rule of cause and effect.

"Helping others is helping oneself." This is not the result of
retribution, but the basic principle of being human. Let kindness
assimilate into life and the blessings will come. When there is
kindness in life, there will be joy. When there is kindness in life,
there will be happiness. When there is kindness in life, there will be
a transcending soul. Kindness is golden and most precious!

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