Dreams of Reincarnation (3)

Tang Feng

PureInsight | August 29, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Master Rescued Me From a Bottomless Hole.

A few days after I started practicing, I had a dream one night that I
was sitting in a deep bottomless hole. One year after another, when I
opened my eyes, it was pitch black. When I closed my eyes, there was
the same darkness. I wanted to get out of the hole, but it was harder
than climbing up to Heaven. There was no food, water, or clothes in
that hole, which was also damp and chilly. I was in desperation and
waited for someone to rescue me.     

I had no idea that how many years had passed by. Suddenly, I heard
voices by the opening of the hole. When I opened my eyes, I saw light
coming in. I did not hear clearly what they were saying, but I got the
impression that someone was coming to rescue me. He seemed to be
negotiating with the guard outside the hole.  I felt that I was
about to get out of the hole.   

When I woke up, I realized that it was Master who had rescued me from
the hole. Afterwards, I had similar dreams periodically. I had tried
very hard to climb out of the mud to a brighter place, or climb up ice
to a higher place or, sometimes, climb upwards from a dangerous
cliff.  Finally, one day, I climbed up from a lower place to a
plain with human beings. After I was on the plain, I looked down at
where I came from and discovered the path that I had traversed was in
endless darkness. Ever since I climbed up from the bottomless hole, I
felt alive. I had searched many years and finally found Master, Dafa,
and a ladder to get back to Heaven.

The Door to the Buddha Fa Opens Wide for Me.

Soon after I started practicing, I turned off the lights one night, lay
in bed, and thought about the Fa. I saw a golden shiny Buddha the size
of a thumb nail floating toward me. It disappeared and a puff of white
smoke appeared. Within the smoke, there were two huge yellow doors
slowly opening up and I saw Master wearing yellow exercise clothes and
teaching me the exercises. I told my husband excitedly, "Hurry up and
look! Golden Buddha, two big doors, Master Li is teaching the

He said, "Where? I cannot see, let's go to sleep."

That was the first time I saw a manifestation of the Buddha Fa. I know
that it was given to me by Master to establish my firm belief in Dafa.

Master Cleansed my Body

For some time, I took my son every day into the city to watch video
tapes of Master. When it was the fourth lecture, I had a dream that
night. I dreamt I was seriously ill and a doctor wearing a white coat
was operating on me. I was cut from the chest to the abdomen and all my
internal organs were completely taken out. Then the doctor told the
nurse to assist me in sitting up and to drain off all the black blood
out of my body. I discovered that there was a huge tumor in my abdomen.
After I lay back down, the doctor yanked the tumor from my abdomen. I
woke up due to the excruciating pain.  I knew that it was Master
helping me to cleanse my body.  Because I had many ailments,
including stomach problems, kidney problems, and gynecological
problems, I needed to have the root cause removed.  The pain
lasted for three days. Meanwhile, I continued to go to the city and
listen to the Fa with my son.

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