Dreams of Reincarnation: (4)The Explosion of the Cosmos

Tang Feng

PureInsight | August 29, 2007



After I started practicing Dafa, I dreamed many times of the explosion
of the cosmos.  In one dream, I heard of a very loud sound from
the sky. I walked out the door and looked toward the east. I saw a huge
supporting pillar was broken and one was intact. The stone gate of
heaven was all crumbling. The whole cosmic body collapsed including the
stone lion that was rolling down. The stones poured down to the Planet
Earth just like an uncontrollable flood.  I shouted, "Run fast!
The sky is falling!" The people around me looked at the sky as if
nothing had happened and continued to mind their own business. I was
heart-broken. "Why can they see? Why don't they believe me? They are
about to die and they don't even know it yet."

I thought, "Human beings are hopeless.  I must keep Zhuan Falun
with me. As long as I am alive, I have to keep it in a safe
place."  I looked all over in the house, but I did not find it.
Suddenly I remembered that I had left it at work and I needed to go
there and retrieve it. I woke up right then.


In the dream, I heard the thunder-like sounds continuously. After every
sound, there were clouds of black smoke rising upward and then
dispersing. The debris from airplanes, cars, animals, and human bodies
was falling down.  Meanwhile, there were also many people with
something on their backs flying up to the sky. They passed by each
other and flew toward deeper layers of clouds and slowly disappeared.


In my dream, I was standing and facing south-east to watch the
explosions in the sky. It was night time. There were thunderbolts and
blue lights and many rocks, the debris of buildings and lives. 
There was no one around me as if they were all dead from the explosion.
Even though I did not see anyone, I shouted, "Run fast! The sky is
falling!" I wanted to prevent the collapsing of the sky but could not.
I just resigned myself. Meanwhile I saw an old man in rags carrying two
baskets on a bamboo rod on his shoulder.  When he came to me, he
lifted up the covers of the baskets and begged me, "Please keep these
two little phoenixes. The mother Phoenix is dead." Oh, the old man and
the phoenixes were all falling down from the sky!  I looked at the
little birds and cried. They were looking at me with expectant eyes and
trembling, curled-up bodies. I said, "I would really like to keep them.
However, I do not know whether I will be alive because the explosion is
still going on." The old man was very disappointed and left with the
little phoenixes. I cried and woke up.

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