Dreams of Reincarnation (7): Empty Boats

Tang Feng

PureInsight | August 31, 2007


Moving  a House

Once I dreamed that someone was demolishing a house and wanted to build
a new house. They were taking the house apart, brick by brick. I was
very anxious and asked, "The way you guys are doing it, how long will
it take? I'll help you." I used my two arms to pick up the entire house
and put it aside. They were so astonished, "How come you are so
powerful? Such strength! You can pick up a whole house." I was
surprised too. Where did I get this kind of ability?  When I woke
up, I understood that Master had given me great supernormal abilities.
Except they are all locked. Moving the house is only a small skill that
Master let me use and greater skills are not allowed to be carelessly

Empty Boats

In the dream, I was standing by a river bank. I saw a few boats full of
people and slowly moving to the center of the river. However, there
were many boats anchored by the bank that were empty. My boat was also
empty. After I woke up, I realized that judging by the "Loaded full
with sentient beings, his Fa Boat sets sail," I was really falling
short. I had this dream at the beginning of the persecution. I believe
that Master was reminding me to clarify the truth and save sentient
beings fast and that time was limited.

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