Resolve Resentment

Bing Lian

PureInsight | September 6, 2007

[] In one of my
previous lives, I was reincarnated in China during the Sui and Tang
dynasties. There were two princesses in the Emperor's palace. In order
to win their father's love, they always fought to each other. When the
Emperor gave them the same gift, the older princess would show it off
in front of the young princess and say, "Look at the gift father gave
me. It is bigger than yours. Mine is more previous than yours."

The young princess would argue back: "Mine is better. Daddy loves me more." They always argued like that until they grew up.

Gradually, the Emperor got sick because of them. He had double vision
all the time. Sometimes he could not even tell whether what he saw was
human or just matter. He was always dizzy and had a headache.

The next day, a representative from TuJue country visited the emperor.
During the meeting, the representative made an offer of marriage. At
that time, the TuJue country was located near ancient Turkmenistan and

The Emperor loved the princesses very much. He especially loved the
young princess. The older princess was the queen's daughter, so the
queen could not let her go. The young princess was the high-ranking
imperial concubine's daughter. This high-ranking imperial concubine was
gentle and soft by nature. She always did as she was told in front of
queen. There was no other person who was suitable for this, so the
little princess was chosen to be married and move to a far away
country. When the little prince heard about this news, she asked the
Emperor: "Why did my sister princess, who is much older than me, not
go? "

After he comforted the little princess, the Emperor told her:" The
TuJue country is far away and the life over there is much harder than
here. But you have huge responsibilities which are more important than
three thousand cavalry soldiers. You are the princess of our country.
You should be respected by people. Your virtue should benefit people
from all places and bring peace and blessings to both countries."

Maybe it was a predestinated arrangement. The little princess calmed
down. She felt sad when she saw her elderly father. She regretted that
they had argued so much over such small things in front of their
father. On the day when the little prince started her journey, the
older princess became so jealous that she even gnashed her teeth when
she saw the rich and graceful car, the many servants and the emissary
who went with the little princess.

During the journey, the little princess recited Buddhist scriptures and prayed for her father, mother and the older princess.

I do not know why this portion of history was not recorded in any
Chinese history books. Russian history has only a few lines about this.
It is amazing that I used the exactly the same name as mine currently.

Now the elder sister is our local coordinator and I am the little
princess. Deep jealousy on the part of the coordinator was often
aroused by me. Sometime, I felt that her jealousy did not make any
sense. I felt that there was no reason for her to be jealous of me. I
did not want to talk to her when I saw her. One day when I studied the
Dafa, I realized that the only way to settle down the resentment
between us is to treat her with compassion. Because this was caused by
me, I should be responsible. One day, I completely eliminated all my
bad thoughts. I hugged her and ask her to forgive my rudeness. At that
moment, I understood that letting myself go also helped the other
practitioner to eliminate her attachments. After I got rid of the bad
factors on my side, the coordinator become very wonderful. We freed
ourselves from the old resentment.

Later on, I saw that the hatred was removed in the other dimension. The
beautiful and wonderful materials are filling up that dimension. The
essence which was lost in that lifetime came back to me.

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