An Everlasting Light in the Heart

Guan Ming

PureInsight | September 9, 2007

[] A life
journey without a light in the heart is pitch black, just like a night
without the moon. All the lights in this world need energy, whether it
is an oil lamp, a candle, or an electric light. When the energy is used
up, the light will go out. However, a light in the heart is formed by a
firm belief in the truth of the universe and it will light up our
spirits forever like the sun that co-exists with Heaven and Earth and
all living beings.

I grew up in a remote village in China. At that time, there was no
electricity yet. Before the night set in, every household lit up a
small oil lamp. Even though the light was quite dim, it brought a ton
of courage and warmth for countless people who were afraid of the
darkness. The small roads in the village were all pitch black on a
moonless night. Under such conditions, even a small flashlight could
bring happiness and destroy the invisible fear in one's heart. I was
like a lost little lamb wandering aimlessly in the journey of life
where deception and the law of the jungle intertwine amidst the decline
of moral standards, personal gains, fame, and lust. I found my future
no easier or brighter than those little roads in the village during a
dark night.

At that time, I had no idea how to be a human being, what noble
character was like, or how to transcend spiritually until I practiced
Falun Dafa. Once I walked on the path of cultivation, I understood
that, from the ancient times to the present, the calmness and ease
during crisis, the courage during danger, the ability to see beyond
life and death of virtuous men were the fruits of many years of
cultivation.  They had righteous belief, compassion, and strong
wills. There was an everlasting light in their hearts and it enabled
them to maintain a grateful heart even when they stumbled, a noble
character even when they were in danger or turbulent times, and be
steadfast, optimistic, and carefree.

With a light in the heart, one can pass all the trials and tribulations
in life, let go of the dark clouds, turn the pupae of life into
beautiful butterflies, enhance the splendor of one's Buddha nature,
and, finally, find one's way home. I was an entirely different person
before I started practicing Falun Dafa. I used to be talkative and
persuasive, knew how to go with the flow. After I walked on the path of
cultivation, I recognized that how shameful it is to be a liar and how
precious honesty is. From being selfish and greedy, I have become
selfless and considerate. While cultivating compassion, I learned
tolerance and generosity. Slowly, I gave up my selfishness, let go of
my impatience and hot temper, learned to be forgiving and tolerant,
and, finally, elevated spiritually. Because I have righteous thoughts
in my heart, I am no longer afraid when I walk alone in a dark night
but feel calm, free, and peaceful instead.

When there is a light in your heart, you will not be afraid of dark
nights nor feeling lonely. Your days will be filled with happiness and
joy and your life will be fulfilled.  The light in your heart will
help you overcome the huddles, eliminate the darkness, and brighten
your path. The compassion from your firm belief will illuminate not
only yourself but also countless sentient beings in the universe.

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