I Believe Dad will Come Home Soon!

Danielle Wang

PureInsight | September 16, 2007

[PureInsight.org] I believe
that my father -- a practitioner of Falun Gong, my dear friend, and a
fellow human being - Zhiwen Wang, will be released soon without any
charges from Chinese Communist Jail.

Ever since I was 10 years old, when my mother went to Australia to make
a better life overseas.  I had always lived with my dad. Soon
after, we both started to practice a gentle meditation named Falun

It has been a very long time that I have seen my dad. Even making a
phone call or getting letters to him seem impossible.  Nine and
half years ago, when I first came to the United States, both my family
and my friends were happy for me. However, other than the joyful
feelings, I was greatly saddened with the news that my dad and I were
going to part. For 18 years, my dad and I lived alone together. For an
eight-year period, dad was both a father and a mother to me.  He
struggled to raise me alone, but I remember that time as the happiest,
warmest and most wonderful time of my life.

My dad was a civil engineer. As far as I can remember, he had always
been practicing Qigong. The only thing that seemed to change were the
names of the Qigong practices.  He discovered that it was hard to
continue to a higher level of practice at certain times in any one of
these Qigong practices because that Qigong's Master did not even know
how to achieve to that state himself. Soon, he was disappointed and
switched to another one. People all knew that in addition to healing
illnesses and keeping fit, Qigong had deeper connotations. However,
every Qigong practice had only talked about healing illnesses and
keeping fit. What were the big mysteries of Qigong? My dad had sought
the true meaning of Qigong until he started to practice Falun Gong.

Dad was among the group of early participants of Falun Gong. 
After practicing Falun Gong, he lived a life to the standards of
"truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance". At work, he was a good
co-worker and a good engineer. At home, he was a good father. All of
his neighbors, relatives and friends recognized him as a good man. He
was always helping others, and considered the benefits of others.

I remember that one time there was a project needing someone travel to
the United States to negotiate.  Dad was the project engineering
manager for this project. He should make the trip. But there are other
people who wanted to win this good cushy job.  Not only did dad
not compete for it, but also he handed all his years of work and
research results to his colleague unconditionally. In addition, he also
taught the colleague how to understand the projects.  His
colleague was deeply moved by my father. When she knew that dad
possessed such a noble mind because he practiced Falun Gong she started
to practice Falun Gong later on.

A few years ago, dad's company did House Allocation. The company's
leaders said it was going to be the last time for House Allocation. The
opportunity was once in a lifetime. However, dad thought that, even
though we were living in a very old house, we only have two people. So
he had decided that we did not need more space.  He politely
refused one large unit with three bedrooms and one large living room.
The management thought that was incredible. Even the management advised
and persuade dad to take the house. He declined again after careful
consideration for others in the company. After practicing Falun Gong,
dad treated personal gain, and the desire for fame lightly. When it
came to treating other people, he always rendered good for evil to
others.  Dad did his best to help others.

Regardless of big or small matters, the neighbors always wanted to ask
my dad for help. Carrying the propane tanks in and out or picking up
the mail was a routine matter for him every day.  Sometimes the
neighbors wanted to give something in return. They often made some
tasty food to give to Dad. He declined all their offers.

Once, a friend of dad asked him to help buy a television set. 
Accidentally he gave him 10 yuan instead of 100 yuan.  Dad quietly
paid the rest with his own money for the TV set.

My aunt's son was sick at night, but even after both my aunt and uncle
went to sleep, dad watched my little cousin for the entire night.

Since dad's company administed the material supplies and related
fields, there were people often trying to bribe dad.  Each time,
dad told them very seriously: "Such behavior is wrong. If you really
have hardship, I will do anything within my power to help you out.
However, if you use the approach of bribery, then I can not do anything
to help." My dad was always impartial and just, upright and honest.
But, dad always tried to help people who needed the help. He often used
his own money to help them.

Although dad's income was not low, his lifestyle was always hard work
and plain living. So many years he had not bought any clothes for
himself. But his appearance was always presentable and clean. He rode
his old bike for many years, though he never thought of changing it.
Later, I used my savings and bought him a new bicycle. Dad treasured it
so much that he wiped the bicycle sparkling clean every day.

Similar examples are too numerous to cite individually.  Many
colleagues, neighbors and relatives had been touched by dad's good
intention. Many of them also stepped into the path of cultivating Falun

At that time more and more people started to practice Falun Gong around
the nation.  Because dad started practicing early, many people
came to see him, asking about the practice or learning the exercises.
Dad volunteered to work as a contact person. This was not a government
position or official title, but was a form of voluntary service. 
Every day, there were dozens of phone calls and letters.  Dad
always helped others tirelessly. Because dad personally benefited so
much from practicing Falun Gong, he knew how precious it was. 
Therefore, he wanted to share with more people. Although sometimes it
was hard, whenever he saw that many people had benefited from Falun
Gong, Dad felt happiness in the process.

Even though dad had a heavy work load and tons of Falun Gong
activities, Dad had never lost sight of his concern for me. I had
always been Dad's treasure.  Under his meticulous care I grew up
living a worry-free life.  I had never experienced pain or
loneliness.  I remember that dad had lunch break of one hour. Each
day, he would ride bike home and cook for me. The round trip took 40
minutes and making the food took 20 minutes. Rushed, He usually just
ate a bun and some preserved pickles on the way back to work.

Fragments of memories fill my mind with these little details demonstrating his true caring.

After I came to the United States, cultural differences, language
barriers, environmental changes, academic pressure, and economical
constraints made me feel pressure and pain that I had never felt
before. I had to complete homework for my engineering degree, work
several jobs, and overcome communication gaps. I missed my dad terribly
at that time.  Whenever I heard his voice and warm encouragement
over the phone, I would find comfort again.  Dad was always my
powerful spiritual support.

I could never imagine what was about to happen. On July 20, 1999 Dad
was dragged from his bed and thrown into prison at dawn. The so-called
"grounds" for the Chinese Communist Party's detaining him were that he
was a practitioner who practiced "truthfulness, compassion and

When I heard the news I was totally shocked, just like thunderbolts
striking the blue sky on a sunny day. I felt that I had fallen into a
painful abyss. I cried and cried.  I cried so much that I
temporarily lost my eyesight. I couldn't stop sobbing, calling his name
again and again. Since he was taken away over 8 years ago, I have never
heard dad's voice again.

"What was happening with this world?" I wondered. The good people are
the ones being imprisoned and sentenced. I was unable to accept this
harsh reality. For a period of time, I would cry all day long feeling
unable to recover from this unfairness.

My elderly grandfather could not take such a heavy blow. He had to
watch his dear son being wronged and felt powerless. In the year 2000,
he passed away with bitterness and enormous grief and indignation. He
could not even see his own son one last time!

My dad had lost his father. I could not afford to lose my own
father.  I can't afford to lose my own father. I cried painfully
and helplessly. At sunrise, sunset, in the wind and the middle of the
rain-- everywhere I looked there were dark shadows. I felt like I was
falling apart.

On December 27th, 1999, my dad was accused of many unfounded charges
and illegally sentenced to a jail term of 16 years. Later, my relatives
told me that Dad was not allowed to close his eyes for seven whole days
and nights. They used all forms of torture on my dad. In a short period
of six months, dad aged more than 10 years. In prison, dad did not even
have money to buy towels or toothpaste.  The clothes he wore were
my old castoff clothes.

My heart was broken.  For about a year or so after that, I no
longer heard any news about Dad. However, in newspapers and on websites
I could always find news of other practitioners being tortured. 
Every time I read such news, I could not stop crying. I was not only
weeping for Falun Gong practitioners, but also at the same time
worrying at heart for my dad. These prison guards could do anything! I
wanted to know what Dad's condition was. I really wanted to see
him.  Sometimes, in my dreams I would cry. Then after I woke up,
my pillow was still wet from the tears.

Under this kind of suffering, in October 1999, the police in China
threatened me through my relatives.  They said: "The more active
Xiaodan Wang is overseas, the greater the hardships Zhiwen Wang will
suffer. Be quiet and do not make trouble." I kept my silence for a long
time.  My mind was control by fear and despair until 2001. I
received a letter from Dad dated June 26th. In this letter, which he
wrote deprived of privacy, Dad taught me: "Actually, life is amazing.
There are happiness, bliss and also hardships. If one can face those
directly, and not be overwhelmed and defeated, he or she is the master
of life. A noble man is always magnanimous. A villain is always

Dad's letter showed me his great mind without hate or complaints. 
"A noble man is always magnanimous." Such a statement made my eyes fill
with tears. I regretted painfully. I know that practicing Falun Gong
has made us stay away from anger, resentment, selfishness, jealousy and
conflicts.  My family was full and happy. Dad was a good person
among good people, but now he is imprisoned and sentenced to a 16-year
term.  How could a conscious person accept this?

For many years, I had dialogues with myself over and over. I felt
helpless in pain and more pain in silence. Now I finally understood:
Silence is the connivance of the evil Chinese Communist Party. I felt
that I should stand up and tell the world that in China there are many
practitioners who are like my dad. They are being arrested, sentenced,
and even today have become live organ harvesting banks for organ
transplants!  I wanted to tell people that Falun Gong
practitioners still practice "truthfulness, compassion, tolerance"
under such severe pressure. I wanted to tell people that in China,
there are many people like me whose families were torn apart. Their
innocent relatives are bound to suffer.

The letter from dad and the help from practitioners around me had given
me great encouragement.  I started to step out of my abyss of
suffering.  I told people around me about my dad's story. I
started to tell the stories that many practitioners like him had been
tortured. I found that during this process, my heart opened up
gradually and expanded. I am not just going to be saddened by my dad's
situation. I know that there are so many families like mine.  More
and more people have stood up to support us.  I also feel that I
am not just doing this for myself. I am not alone. Falun Gong
practitioners around the world are telling the truth. More and more
people, organizations, and countries are standing up to support. They
lend us a helping hand, spreading the truth, and most of all, call on
the Chinese Communist Party to stop persecuting Falun Gong.

The evil could not defeat the righteous since ancient times. I believe
that when more and more people know the truth, this evil persecution
will stop. I believe that my beloved dad, Zhiwen Wang, will have his
name cleared. I truly am waiting for the time that I see my dad's
release from prison and I feel that day is coming soon.

Dad's determination and good nature always motivate me. 
Regardless of how much longer the path in front of me is, and
regardless how many difficulties lay ahead, I will certainly continue
to walk the way.

In closing, I would like to share a poem I wrote inspired by the Free Zhiwen Rescue Campaign:

A single spark can start a prairie fire

Righteous voices are all pulling together

In darkness the dawn presents

The time to reunite with dad is coming

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