The Miracle of Dafa: Flying Dragons

Jing Lian

PureInsight | September 19, 2007

[] Not long
after I started practicing, I saw dragons and could also feel that
there were dragons around me.  When I sent forth righteous
thoughts, I got a feeling that I was a little Taoist riding  a
dragon and eliminating demons and ghosts. Dragons are my friends and
allies. I am here to share the story about me and the dragons.

One time when I was holding the wheel by my ears, I saw a dragon
playing among the clouds enjoying himself. I got on it's back and
fought the evil. He was really lovely and I kissed him. I asked him,
"Do you have brothers and sisters?"

He said, "Yes."

Meanwhile the clouds around us separated and a few dragons appeared and
they were all quite graceful. I saw a small white dragon and said, "I
want to ride that one."

He said, "That is my kid sister, but her Gong is not quite strong enough."

I saw a great big turquoise dragon and wanted to ride that one too.

He said, "That is my older brother and he has a hot temper. I am afraid."

I said, "Let's just you and me play then!"

We flew over the forest and I directed my Gong towards it. All the dark
minions and rotten ghosts on the trees fell down and dropped dead. And
my buddy dragon sprayed fire and helped me at the same time!

I became his guest at his home. We were all on top of the clouds in a
human form. The little white dragon was such a lovely little beauty and
my buddy dragon was a handsome young man. The homes of dragons were
built on the clouds. I saw a huge Falun about the size of a small
mountain rotating in his yard.

I asked, "Are you cultivating of  the Tao School or the Buddha School?"

He said, "Of course, we cultivate Falun Dafa!" It was so silly of me to ask!

He told me, "It is very difficult for us to cultivate. Therefore, we help you to rectify the Fa to accumulate mighty virtue."

We went to the edge of the clouds. He moved the clouds apart and looked
at the earth. The earth was so beautiful, so lush with blue-green grass
and wonderful sceneries.  

My dragon said, "This is the human world after the Fa rectifies the world."

While we were talking, Master came. We all knelt down to welcome
Master. I could not see Master clearly. Master was high above us and
seemed to have two big guardian birds by his sides. Master said to the
dragons, "You all have to help her to assist me in rectifying the Fa."
They all nodded.

After Master left, I turned around and looked at them. Suddenly I
sensed arrogance in my heart and immediately eliminated it. 
Meanwhile I felt that my whole body was melting: my hands, arms, body,
and my whole being. I was gone and I was among the clouds, feeling
warm, light, fluffy. Wow, so comfortable! And  I just completed my
exercise and came out of my tranquility.

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