The Job Found Me

Ya Ke

PureInsight | September 23, 2007

[] I graduated
in a small town in Germany this April. I moved to Hamburg because there
are many Chinese companies here and I thought that it would be easier
to find a job. Soon I found out that the unemployment rate is not any
lower here and the cost of living is much higher. If I don't find a job
soon, I would be in trouble financially. To look for a job, one goes to
the website and writes a letter of inquiry and then goes for an
interview. But why should I come to Hamburg first? I started to miss
the many advantage of living in a small town.

There is a Chinese Embassy in Hamburg. I go there to pass out material
one morning a week. I can meet many people and many Chinese will take
our material. Two of them also quit the party through me. However,
every time we go there, we need two people: one does the exercises and
one passes out the fliers.  Most practitioners have a job, but I
don't so, therefore, they count on me to go every time. Sometimes I
think, "If only I had a job!"

It was raining yesterday. I put on heavy clothes and bought a train
ticket to go the Chinese Embassy. On the train I was thinking, "It is
so cold. It would be much better if I stayed home to write an article
or got on the website to look for a job.  After I arrived at the
embassy, another practitioner and I put up the banner. Immediately,
many people came over and took our fliers. One oversea Chinese talked
to me for a while and asked for my phone number because he wanted to
contact me for some reason. A Chinese student came out and took our
booklets and told me that he read the "Nine Commentaries" many times
and it was well written. He also helped me pass out truth-clarifying
materials. After the Chinese Embassy closed, he followed me and we had
more conversation. Finally he let me help him quit the Party. He
accompanied me to catch a train. He told me when we parted, "I am very
glad that I met you. I have not had such a nice conversation for a long

 When I got home, a fellow practitioner called me and told me that
his company needs someone and he recommended me. The manager wanted me
to go and have an interview soon.  I went to the Taiwanese company
today and everything went smoothly. I am going to sign a contract in a
few days and start working on October 1.

Master said, "Aside from what you as individuals need to go through and
establish on your final road to Consummation, what is most important
for you and most significant right now is to save people."(Fa Teaching
at the U.S. Capital)  Now I understand: Saving people is a huge
undertaking and it also means that I need to have a job.

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