Master Has Said Clearly That We Should Do Even Better

A Dafa Practitioner in Toronto

PureInsight | September 23, 2007

[] To celebrate
the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Canadian Falun Dafa Association will
sponsor two shows to be performed by the Divine Performing Arts group
on September 27 and 28, 2007 in the Toronto Center For the Arts. This
is the first time the Falun Dafa Association has sponsored arts shows.
At present, the Divine Performing Arts has already performed 81 shows
around the world. More and more people have realized the magnificence
of Falun Dafa through the rich and varied performances and now clearly
understand the Chinese Communist Party's destruction of traditional
Chinese culture and other perverse acts. The Divine Performing Arts
truly promotes a neo-Renaissance of Chinese culture.  

Master said: "The focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do
better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save
more people." "The entire process of Fa-rectification is the most
precious--it is the entirety of the cosmos, and the most remarkable
undertaking. The process of Fa-rectification is what's central, so the
old forces cannot be allowed to just participate as they wish." (Fa
Teaching at the U.S. Capital)

As I studied Master's lectures in recent days, I have a sense of
responsibility and urgency. Master personally leads those who have the
predestined relationship over many generations. Once again, I deeply
felt Master's instructions and expectations during Fa-rectification: a
larger scope, a deeper realm, and a new milestone in the disintegration
of the CCP culture and restoration of the divine culture. With
immeasurable compassion, Master has created a predestined situation for
Fa-rectification so that we can clarify the truth to save sentient
beings. "No matter what, you should do the final things even better and
establish even greater mighty virtue." (Fa Teaching at the U.S.
Capital) We need to proceed to the next step to reach consummation and
to flourish in the Dafa practitioners' new cosmos.

I still have a vivid view of our revered Master spreading the Fa and
experiencing many difficulties in order to save sentient beings. No
words can express my gratitude for Master. The Divine performances
contain a profound connotation of saving people. Being Dafa
practitioners walking on the god's path, we need to follow closely the
progress of Fa rectification. We need to do our best as Master told us.
Therefore, we need to act diligently in many different ways to help the
Divine Performing Arts and to let people appreciate the divine
performance and its purity, remarkableness, and gloriousness. We need
to remember what Master said: "In the phase ahead, do even better with
what you need to do, walk well the final leg of the journey, and do
even better with what you are supposed to do." (Fa Teaching at the U.S.
Capital) We thus need to thoroughly do away with the lies of the CCP
and save more sentient beings. We need to eliminate all interferences
and the "partitioning" factors, to use our righteous thoughts to
strength the divine power to save sentient being as a whole, to display
Dafa practitioner's style, and allow the divine performances to blossom
its talent. Master has said clearly that we should do even better with
what we are supposed to do and let Master rest assured.

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