Sudden Realization: A Sigh in Autumn

Mei Yu

PureInsight | September 19, 2007

[] Autumn is a
season of maturity and profundity. However, the blowing of the cool
wind often makes one sad and depressed, especially for those who are
sentimental like me.

I used to feel sad at the fallen leaves and sigh at the intermittent
cool wind. Today, looking at the old lady lying in the hospital bed, I
feel a great sadness about life.

I have long known the rule of birth-old age-illness-death. However, it
wasn't until this very moment when I actually saw a life tangled in old
age and illness that I clearly felt a human life's shortness and
unpredictability. All my attachments that I wouldn't let go of seemed
to be gone at this moment. Because everyone who fails cultivation
practice will undergo this stage sooner or later, what can possibly be
hard to let go of now?

With her parents having passed away a long time ago, her siblings
having their own families and careers, her children in adulthood, and
few friends still in contact over her life time, all she has by her
side now is her old husband. Still, she is considered very lucky to
have him and his love. But he cannot share even a tiny bit of her pain.
Love and affection were real, but in the end she has to walk her own
path and suffer from her own karma and sins.

It was said that the old lady was very lucky. Her husband has been
caring for her so tenderly that he even takes care of her entire
closet. He spoils her and obeys her.  However, how to judge good
from bad in the world? In my humble opinion, it might not be a good
thing for her to have such a husband to begin with. Why? Because one
has to burn one's own karma from time to time. If one lives so
comfortably that he or she has no chance to burn karma, then the karma
will accumulate and attack sooner or later. The old lady might not have
to suffer so much had her husband not been so nice to her. In this
sense, living a tough life is indeed a good thing.

Thinking of life tumbling through reincarnation again and again and
suffering hardships lifetime after lifetime, my heart couldn't help
trembling: how fearful human life is. However, people, including
myself, descended to the earth after all. Knowing clearly how filthy
and dangerous it is here, we still had the godly courage to have come
to the human world. For what? To obtain the Fa.

I couldn't understand why the lord Buddha would cherish lives and
tolerate the sins that humans have committed so much until now. I'm now
enlightened a little: because He has seen that all the hardships,
efforts and bearings a life has suffered during the past hundreds or
even thousands of years are only for the waiting for today.

When a person understands that his or her true purpose for coming to
the human world is to wait for the spread of Dafa and return to his or
her wonderful eternal home through assimilation to the Fa, then what
excuses can he or she hold not to cherish the opportunity of
cultivation practice? The most pitiful lives are those who are still in
the maze, living in a dream pursuing the benefits and interests in the
human world, ignoring the Dafa that they had been waiting for lifetime
after lifetime, refusing to read the facts of the persecution that Dafa
is suffering, and taking the cosmic changes of heavenly destruction of
the CCP and its members as a joke. How pitiful they are.

In this night of early autumn, my heart is filled with sadness.
However, different from before, my sadness is not disconsolate, but
full of motivation for advancing diligently.

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