A Parable about Choice


PureInsight | September 23, 2007

[PureInsight.org] One day, an
elderly lady came home to find three kingly looking elders sitting on
her front door. The elderly lady asked them to come inside the house to
take a rest. One of them smiled and told her: "Madam, We can't come
into your house at the same time."

She was surprised to hear that and asked the reason. The elder told her
calmly: "My name is "Love," and the other two are called "Wealth" and
"Fame." Only one of us can go into each home. You may want to talk
it over with your family to decide which one of us to invite."


The elderly lady came out shortly and said to "Love": "Our whole family
has decided to invite you to our home." The elder happily accepted the
invitation. In a little while, the other two also came into the house.
The elder lady asked them: "Didn't you tell me that only one of you
could come in? Why have all of you come in now?"

The elder smiled and told her: "You may not know that wealth and fame will come to people who have love."

Note: Surely, people who have love in the hearts are the wealthiest
people in the world. Those who have wealth and fame but are without a
loving heart are the poorest people.

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