Ten Years of Cultivation Thoroughly Remold Me

By a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Tianjin City, China

PureInsight | September 16, 2007

(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained
the Fa in 1997. During the past ten years, I have come along the
different stages of Dafa cultivation, from personal cultivation to
Fa-rectification period cultivation,. I started with trying to behave
as a better person, then became a cultivator who follows different
standards at different levels. Today, I have changed completely both
physically and spiritually. Please allow me to write down these changes
so that all can witness the magnificence of Dafa.

1.    Before cultivation, I had severe rheumatoid
arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. The joints of my entire body,
big and small, were swollen and aching, including the muscles. I had to
wear sweatpants in the summer and for winter I made myself a special
pair of pants that were stuffed with cotton and the bottom half a foot
longer than usual. The extra length had to be stuffed inside my shoes
after I put them on. I took all known medicines for treating rheumatoid
arthritis and rheumatic diseases. None worked.

The medical book labeled my disease as "none life-threatening cancer".
I claimed once, "I'm willing to give up all my property and belongings
to anyone who can cure my illness."

After cultivating in Dafa, my body was purified and I did not spend a
penny. The joint pain and swelling caused by rheumatic diseases were
completely gone. My once deformed fingers returned to normal. The
sweatpants worn in the summer before are now put on only in winter. I
am not afraid of cold any more!

There was one time when the weather had just turned warm and everyone
still had long sleeved shirts on. I came across my supervisor from a
previous company while out wearing a skirt and sandals, barefooted. She
was surprised to see me dressed like that and said, "It looks like your
rheumatoid arthritis is really cured by practicing Falun Gong. Forget
about what's said on TV. If it can treat illness, it must be good. You
can exercise at home." She also added, "You are now a living example of
the Fa."

2. I had stomach aches and felt fullness in that area for thirty years
before cultivation. I could not eat anything cold, sticky, or fried. No
hard rice allowed. I could only eat flour buns, pancakes made with
fermented flour and other easily digestible food. After cultivation, my
appetite has improved a great deal. I can eat anything and nothing
makes me sick. No more fullness and pain in the stomach. I drink tap
water all year long. What a miracle!

3. Before cultivation, I could sleep twelve hours a day and still feel
it was not enough. Migraines and dizziness would not leave me alone. I
had to rest at my office desk when I arrived at work in the morning.
Because of my sleep disorder, I was given the nickname, "sleep addict."
My energy was replenished after cultivating in Dafa. I sleep less and
less, yet become more and more energetic. Dizziness and migraines are
gone. Now four hours of sleep a day is good enough for me. Two or three
hours will do, too. I will still be up and alert even if I have no
sleep at all for the whole night.

4. Before cultivation, wrinkles crept all over my face. The facial
muscles drooped and they made me look old. After cultivation, my skin
changed. The wrinkles disappeared. Whoever saw me said I appeared
younger than a decade ago. I am actually almost sixty years old. My
silky black hair is a result of Dafa cultivation. It's a miracle among
my sisters. I have four siblings and I'm the second child. My younger
sister who is ten years younger than me even has a lot of gray hair.
Once, after my older sister dyed her hair, she asked my nephew, "Tell
me. Is your first aunt's hair darker or your second?" My nephew
answered, "First aunt's hair is not as shiny as second aunt's."

5. Before cultivation, my brain felt like a basin of paste. I was
muddleheaded all day long and forgetful. When I saw a person, I could
not remember his name. When I cooked in the kitchen, I could not
remember what I was trying to fetch after getting to the living room. I
had to return to the kitchen to think it over. Things are different
after cultivation. My mind is ever sober and god knows how many times
my memory is better than before. It's easy to recall an incident from
many, many years ago. When I clarify the truth, my words often make
good sense. I do not have to think too much about the emphasis in my
speech. Words come as a steady flow, appropriate and right to the
point. Very handy.

6. It is now summer time. The air pressure is low, the humidity is high
and so is the temperature. Before I started cultivation, every year at
this time, dyspnea, choking feelings and palpitation accompanied me. My
lips were always purple. There was no way to hide from these
sufferings. However, all of those symptoms disappeared without a trace
after cultivating in Dafa. As I progressed along the path of
cultivation, more comfort and wonders were brought to me.

Wonder Number One: Self-generated air conditioning. I have not felt
what "summer" was like for two or three years. When it is hot, many
"spring points" appear on my body. Cool breezes blow gently out of
these "spring points," nice and cool, and very comfortable, unlike the
ordinary air conditioning that makes one feel cold or hot suddenly. It
is amazing.

Wonder Number Two: An inside and outside of my shield. It is summer
now. Humidity is high and the heat unbearable. I however, enjoy a
shield that is five or six centimeters away from me but covers my
entire body. Outside the shield, hot waves of summer heat hit. Inside
of it, it is nice and pleasant. I can feel the heat outside but it
cannot penetrate into the shield. Under the cover, my body is a cool
world with no high temperature and heat. There is nothing like it in
the outside world. It is hard to describe the wonder of it in any

Stated above are the great changes in me after ten years of cultivation
in Dafa. These are my genuine experiences. They are things that I could
not have dreamed of before cultivation, nor could I have bought with
money. From now on, I will continue to cultivate myself diligently, do
the three things that Teacher taught us, and hope to reach consummation

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