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PureInsight | November 1, 2007

[] My mind is
not tranquil. In the past, I would wait until my mind was pure before I
wrote an article. But I don't want to wait now. I have conflicts now
and my karma needs to be eliminated. I need to write this article as my
instrument to defeat evil. I need to improve my xinxing and
enhance my mind capacity. Actually, the problem with my mind has been
there for a while. It is that I can not accept any unpleasant
criticism, especially criticism that common people would think was not
right and not true and would be hurtful.

Master pointed out clearly in "Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006:"

"At the last West Coast Fa conference,
didn't I talk about how a lot of Dafa practitioners aren't able to take
criticism? They refuse to be criticized. As soon as others say
something they explode, get upset, or start a confrontation with
someone. They want to hear only pleasant things. So you just want to
walk a smooth path, don't you? You want to ascend to the heavens with
your big load of baggage? Isn't that in essence what you want to do?
You have to let go of all bad, human thoughts and every type of
attachment you have. Isn't not wanting to hear criticism an attachment?
You want to hear only pleasant things, but how could that be?
[Arrangements are made] exactly to have others say unpleasant things
and see if you are moved. A god wouldn't pay any heed to what a human
being said about him--you can't affect him. He wouldn't in the least
try to figure out how what you do relates to him. He pays no attention
at all, because you cannot affect him. Gods can control the human mind
and lead humans to do certain things, not vice versa. How could human
beings possibly affect gods? So if you wish to become a divine being,
don't you yourself have to be that way? Don't you have to let go of
those attachments? And don't you have to let go of those feelings of
yours that can be stirred up by human beings?"

Master has also pointed out in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles:"

"The problem has become quite
prominent. Did you know, over the last several years high-level beings
have been repeatedly muttering in my ears about this? I didn't budge,
though. I needed Dafa disciples to have the courage to reveal the truth
as they went about validating the Fa, and so I didn't talk about it. I
wanted to pick a time, an adequate opportunity, to do so, to discuss
this issue. Today is the right time, so I singled it out. In passing, I
will tell you that this thing has become quite pronounced for us
overall. With some people it has gotten so bad that nobody can say a
word about them. It looks like I can't go any longer without addressing
it. Some people have become like matches--one stroke and they ignite.
They're like land mines--one step and they detonate. [They are acting
like,] ‘You can't criticize me. I can't take any criticism.' They no
longer listen to any expression of disapproval or disagreement, whether
it was meant out of good or ill will, was intentional or unintentional;
they reject everything flat out, and even less do they examine
themselves. It has gotten quite severe."

In the lecture to the Australian practitioners, Master once again
talked about this problem. This shows that this serious problem has
hindered Dafa practitioners for a long time and has touched upon every
practitioner's inner mind. We must face it squarely and eliminate it.
Looking back at Master's lectures, I feel Master's compassionate and
meticulous arrangement deeply. Master has always taught us and reminded
us before a problem appears, just like a loving mother. However, we, as
disciples, always think that it has nothing to do with us and do not
take it seriously. When a conflict occurs, we struggle, suffer and do
not have the righteous thoughts. Master's voice rings once again. I
hope that we will have righteous thoughts and leave behind our
baggage.  When conflicts becomes bigger and bigger, some
practitioners' righteous thoughts become weaker and weaker, and it even
interferes with Fa rectification. The remaining evil will be ready to
make trouble. Master is worried and has to use a "heavy hammer." Fellow
practitioners, we cannot let Master down any longer.

Time will not wait for everyone. Let us conduct ourselves and face
every attachment and give them up and assimilate to what Master wants
us to accomplish. Let the most microscopic and macroscopic elements in
our lives dissolve in the Fa, leap over the boundaries of the past and
future and enter into the eternal future Master has created for us.

My mind at this moment is filled with righteous thoughts. I thank Master

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