Sudden Realization: Forgetting Myself

Mei Yu

PureInsight | November 15, 2007

[] When will I be able to completely forget myself?

When will I be able to forget my past, my love, my sentiments, my fatigue, and even my existence?

When will my heart be filled with the Buddha Fa and sentient beings?

Why is it so difficult to get rid of the human thoughts? Because my heart is filled with the "self." No matter what reasons or explanations there are on the surface, after all, it is the "self" getting in the way.

"How will others look at me, think of me and say about me?" It's all about the "self."

Why not "How can I help others? How do others feel? How should I say it or write it to better help or save others? No matter how others look at me, whether they understand me or appreciate me, I will relentlessly and persistently continue what I have been doing. Because my existence is for the sentient beings, not the little self."

Compared to the vast cosmos, what does the little "self" count for? Even if one has done something, what does it count for? Without Teacher's strengthening and Dafa's mighty power, what can this little "self" do?

Looking back, I realized that almost every difficult step in my cultivation practice was the confrontation and struggle with my "self."

One of my fellow practitioners has been advancing rapidly in cultivation practice, because she has long forgotten her self. For clarifying the facts, she often forgets to eat meals or sleep. She has forgotten all her feelings and even life and death. Because she has merged her "self" into the boundless Buddha Fa, her heart is filled with compassion and righteous thoughts.

Complete selflessness is what truly qualifies as being an enlightened being, and is what our revered Teacher wants.

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