The Truth about the Persecution: A Sad Mother

Gongfei Zhu

PureInsight | November 19, 2007

[] The weather
of November is bitterly cold in northern China. It has been six months
since my older sister was arrested. One day in May, secret agents from
the Security Bureau forcibly kidnapped my sister just because she
practiced Falun Gong and believed in Truthfulness, Compassion and
Forbearance. In the end, they capriciously charged her with a crime and
illegally sentenced her to prison for five years.

Because my sister is to be sent to the provincial prison, early this
morning my aged father and feeble mother, who has a lot of sickness,
decided to visit their daughter at the detention center. Mother
specially made a pair of cotton-stuffed pants for my sister and father
bought lots of good food for her as well. They took my sister's two
young kids and went to the detention center. The wind was strong and
piercing. It was not open for business yet, so they had to wait
outside. Mother was staggering in the cold wind and she looked into the
detention center through the entrance. Although she knows that it won't
help her see her eldest daughter she misses day and night, she still
made the effort to look over the high wall of the detention center. Her
white hair is blown messy by the wind, but she still stood there.

To help my parents fulfill their wish to see my sister, I made a great
effort and through many connections, I finally found a friend who could
help us. This was necessary because there is a rule that criminals who
committed murders, arsons, robbery, drug-trafficking, all can see their
families, but not Falun Gong practitioners. No one can visit them. When
the working hours had started, my friend asked us to wait at the
security office at the entrance while he went inside to make the
arrangements. Father and Mother sat on the bench with their hearts full
of hope. After a long time of waiting, my friend came out and told me
separately that we wouldn't be able to see my sister today. I jumped
up: "Why? Wasn't it arranged already?" My friend said: "But it is today
that your sister is to be sent to the provincial prison, so you won't
be able to see her."

"Oh" "It really won't help. I can't help with it either" My heart hurt
as if a knife was cutting it. From very young, I have had a very good
relationship with my sister and she took care of me when I was small. I
held a deep affection for her.

She was weak and suffered many illnesses in the past, but after she
started practicing Falun Gong, she changed into another person
completely and her illnesses were all gone. Since the CCP began to
persecute Falun Gong cruelly, my sister never gave up cultivating Falun
Dafa. She was put in prison before for one and half years just because
she went to Beijing to appeal. My parents and I all once asked her to
stop practice, but she upheld her own belief. Now, I don't think there
is anything wrong with this. The freedom of belief is a basic human
right of each citizen protected by the constitution, but the CCP has
deprived people of this human right. It is the CCP that is wrong. It is
this shameless and scandalous government that persecutes our family and
makes us not be together. And it is the beast-like party that harms the
people of China. It is the party that is the true killer. Only when the
tragedy happens to themselves do people realize that the CCP is cruel
and shameless.

Looking at my friend's helpless expression, I knew that this was the
only result. I lied to my parents and told them that we wouldn't be
able to see her today, but sometime later we could come to see her. I
couldn't lift my head to see mother's face, filled with endless worry
and sorrow. It will be five years! Considering her illnesses, can
mother live five more years? Is she going to have to leave this cruel
world with sadness? I did not dare to imagine what kind of misery
Father and Mother will be living in during this five years. How will my
sister's two young children live without their mother close to them? I
do not dare to think about it. I really do not dare to think about it.

Who put the good people who believe in truthfulness, compassion and
forbearance in prison? And who created the tragedy of a mother not
being able to see her daughter in the human world?


To you people, who are unaware, please look and think. Please wake up. Maybe the next tragedy will be yours!

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