Remembrances - Written at the Beginning of the New Year

Qing Yun

PureInsight | March 2, 2008

[] (1) I
remember that, when I was small, celebrating the New Year was always a
refreshing and joyful thing, because it was always filled with hope and expectations.

As time passes by and one gets older, that curious and innocent heart
gradually becomes carved with the marks of time, while the purity of
the past no longer exists and what replace it are family, making a
living, job and future.

There is no time to look and find the peace in my heart. I no longer
like to think about where my soul belongs after being in a hurry and
busy day after day, like water running towards the east.

(2) Time flies and, little by little, turns into the past. The seasons
change fast, with every move and action entering the memory.

Recalling the past, there are always some regrets that are impossible
to erase and forget. If I had not been that naughty as a kid, my old
parents would perhaps have less white hair. If I had not cursed my
classmates in my childhood with bad words, I might have had a better
path. If I had put forth more effort to help a friend in the past,
today things would have been much better. If ...

On the path of life, there are so many "ifs' and choices. A slight
difference in even one thought might lead to a totally different
turnout, a great help or adding insult to injury.

Running back over the past, one can restore the sealed memory, yet
revisiting the old haunt, it's hard to heal the wound in one's heart.

If there were one more chance, how wonderful would it be!

(3) The ancients said: "Don't you see the white hair dyed with sorrow
reflecting from the bright mirror in a splendid palace? It is black in
the morning and turns snow white at dusk."

One's path of life is often changed by accidents. When years drift by, we often treasure something only after losing it.

The blossom and withering of flowers, the glory, humiliation, success
and failure, are all like different jackets that are hard to truly
possess for a long time. Yet, the rising and setting of the sun, right
and wrong, and feelings of gratitude or resentment are pieces of stones
and sand that are paving the future path of life.

Glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn, by planting the
seeds of kindness, one will naturally be accompanied by happiness.
Being truthful and forgiving in heart, all resentments from past lives
will be resolved.

I once heard a song and am often touched by it:

"Born into the world time and again for thousands of years.

For what possibly would one come so many times?

Fame and wealth but wisps of smoke are these,

'Tis the heavens that govern life's vicissitudes.

Divine, above, was each life at first breath,

Success and failure pass here like but fleeting clouds.


Maybe, what we are waiting for in our life is not that remote anymore.

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