Enlightenment in Life: Upright Bearing Comes from a Tolerant and Benevolent Heart


PureInsight | March 2, 2008

[PureInsight.org] In society,
no matter whether you are a man or a woman, old or young, a person with
an upright bearing will always be admired and respected. A graceful appearance
will only give people a good impression; but a broad mind and elegant
manners will fill people with deep admiration. The degree of breadth of
mind determines one's bearing. Although one's bearing comes from one's
words and deeds, it really comes from one's inner quality. One's
bearing has nothing to do with one's wealth or knowledge. It doesn't
require a huge house or a luxury car, nor the resolute determination to
achieve success or failure. It is not necessary to be rich in
knowledge. Bearing only needs to have a tolerant heart.

Di Renjie was a famous prime minister of Empress Wu Zetain. When he was
the prefecture governor of Yuzhou, he was fair and enforced the law
strictly. Local people praised him. Empress Wu Zetian therfore
transferred him to the capital as her prime minister. One day, the
Empress told Di Renjie: "I had heard of your excellent reputation and
achievements in your official career. But some people told me your
shortcomings. Do you want to know who told me your shortcomings?" Di
Renjie replied: "If people said bad things about me, it is my problem
and I am willing to change. I am very fortunate Your Highness knows
they weren't my fault. As to who told Your Highness my shortcomings
behind my back, I don't want to know. It would be better for everyone
to get along."

Upon hearing his words, the Empress thought that Di Renjie had a broad
mind and wisdom. He deserved to be called "a prime minister with a
heart big enough to hold a ship." She honored him and called him
the "illustrious elder of the country" and gave him a purple robe with
12 gold characters she personally embroidered on it to honor him. When
Di Renjie passed away, Empress Wu Zetian said with tears: "Heaven took
away my illustrious elder too soon and my imperial court does not have anyone with
such a superior bearing any more."

True bearing cannot be imitated. But if one has a tolerant and
benevolent heart and treats others with forgiveness, understanding, and
concern, he will be a person of great bearing. Bearing comes from noble
self-cultivation, and has a graceful personality and broad-mindedness.
Everyone will feel its charm. Men with bearing will increase their
gracefulness, open-mindedness, extraordinary charm, and manliness.
Women with bearing will have deep self-restraint, wisdom, elegance and
lasting charm.  This will be displayed in daily life as the proper
way one treats others, with an humble and open mind, and without
guarding ones' shortcomings. When a person has bearing, his life will
have no regrets, and he or she live a natural, unrestrained, and
harmonious life.


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