Make Sure You Do Not Miss God's Salvation


PureInsight | March 2, 2008

[] Classic texts
of Buddhism, Christianity, and other orthodox religions all mention the
dharma ending period and god's salvation of human beings. Sakyamuni
mentioned that, during the dharma-ending period, which is today, human
morals would decline so that temples were no longer the pure land.
However, Maitreya will come down to earth to save sentient beings. The
Holy Bible also mentions Judgment Day in which human beings will be
tried by God to determine whether their destination will be heaven or
hell, according to their deeds. Today, because of the decline in human
morality, in addition to the reckless development of science, a great
variation of humanity's natural environments and social context have taken
place. Many people have pessimistic views on human prospects and

As a result, many people think of God. Some go to a Buddhist sanctuary
to seek the blessing of Buddha. Some get baptized in church to pray for
God's salvation. They fervently believe that when the great catastrophe
strikes, their gods will save them because of their devout beliefs.
When Dafa disciples tell them the only way to survive is to know the
truth and withdraw from the evil Communist Party, many of them decline
to consider that. When Dafa disciples gave them amulets, many of them
tactfully decline. They believe their gods will protect them.

I recall a story from a website that was a joke but had a point.

When a village was encountering a flood, a pastor escaped to the top of
his church. He prayed devoutly and hoped God would come to save him.
When villagers came to rescue him with their wooden boat, he declined:
"God will save me." As the floodwaters continued to rise, a speedboat
came, but he still refused to board the boat: "God will come to save
me." When the water continued to rise, he climbed to the cross on the
church and continued to pray. When rescue personnel sent a helicopter
to rescue him, he still declined: "God will come to save me. I don't
need your help." Finally, he vanished in the flood. When he arrived in
heaven, the pastor asked God: "I so believed in you. Why didn't you
save me?" God replied: "I sent a small wooden boat the first time, a
speedboat the second time, and, finally, a helicopter. You refused them
all. I thought you wished to see me sooner in heaven."

Kind people, please do not refuse the goodwill of Dafa disciples. Quickly read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
and recognize the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party. Withdraw
quickly from the CCP and its associated organizations! God will save
you. I hope that the god you worship won't have to tell you: "The first
time I sent you the truth pamphlet about Falun Dafa. The second time I
sent you a CD on the Nine Commentaries on the  Communist Party. I thought you might be afraid so I sent Dafa disciples to tell you to withdraw from the CCP."

A group of devout Catholic nuns in Boston did good deeds for long
period of time and helped orphan and homeless people. When they saw the
advertisement of the Divine Performing Arts, they shouted: "Let go to
see the Divine Performing Arts right away!" They unanimously thought it
was enlightenment from God and they used all their money to buy the
least expensive tickets. They all shed tears when the performance
ended. Who says God is not mercifull! Don't miss this opportunity for
heaven to save you.  

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