Note from Mainland China: Study the Fa, Cultivate Solidly, and Validate the Fa in an Upright Manner

PureInsight | March 2, 2008

[] I started
practicing Falun Gong in 1996. Soon afterwards, I was laid off from my
job so, in order not to lose the precious opportunity to cultivate in
Dafa, I chose to start my own business and became a street vendor. At
that time, I had only one thought in my mind: I will follow the
principals of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" in doing business
so, for sure, I will do well in my business. It turns out that I have
been keeping up with studying the Fa and my cultivation. My life has
been orderly, intense, full of hardships, fruitful, pleasant and free.

Since July 20, 1999, when the evil people began to persecute Falun
Gong, I cast my sorrow away and began to face the calamity with
righteous thoughts. I am a Dafa practitioner. I am determined to follow
Teacher and safeguard the Fa firmly! At that time, my working
environment became an important place where I studied the Fa, clarified
the truth, and shared with other practitioners, while we exchanged
ideas and encouraged each other.

At the time when the evil persecution was the most severe, agents of
evil often harassed me. They were people from my workplace, the local
community management committee, the local police station, the local
police, the local Domestic Security Brigade, and the local Political
and Judicial Committee. I especially treated those pitiful people who
came to my home to harass me with a Dafa practitioner's principals of
"Safeguarding the Fa and spreading the Fa." No matter what kind of
attitude they had or what kind of tactics they used on me, I was
conscientious and treated them with kindness and compassion and
clarified the truth to them. We cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion,
Forbearance." We cultivate a righteous Fa. Falun Gong teaches people to
be good and value virtue. We are good people in society and we always
think of others. After I practiced Falun Gong, many of my illnesses
were healed so I have become very healthy. My realm has improved as
well. After I was laid off, I didn't cause any trouble for my
workplace, but rather found a way out on my own. The majority of them
who came with the intention of harassing me stopped doing that after
they learned the truth and some of them even demonstrated their
sympathy for Dafa's being persecuted and their understanding towards
Falun Gong practitioners.

In 2000, I began to write letters to our local municipal government and
local policemen with my real name and address to clarify the truth. In
the letters, I requested a face-to-face meeting with them to talk about
Falun Gong. I hoped people from the local government and relevant
departments could learn the truth and stop the persecution of Falun
Gong through our personal experiences in practicing Falun Gong. I
didn't receive any reply after the first letter was mailed out, so I
sent out another letter requesting a face-to-face meeting with the
municipal government and police, but it also ended up in vain. So I
decided to do the exercises in the public in order to lift the ban.

At that time, I found another job. Before I went to work, I went to a
park to do the exercises before going to work. In the first few days,
some bystanders whispered around me. Some other kind-hearted people
tried to persuade me to not "hurt" myself by doing this and some others
said "mind your own business," and left in a hurry. One day, they
finally found out that I was doing the exercises openly in the public,
so they had plainclothes police follow me and finally had me arrested.
Even though the police officers use a series of interrogation methods
to force people to confess, even truly good people who are Falun Gong
practitioners, I was well prepared for clarifying the truth to them.
Therefore, whenever I was humiliated, I thought about Teacher's lecture
about "Forbearance" and the story of Han Xin. When the evil people
stopped me from clarifying the truth to them, I calmly demanded a
hearing from them: "When you say something, I listen carefully, so when
I say something to you, you have to listen as well, because the
People's Police should be reasonable and well-behaved." Later, they
stopped interrupting me when I was talking by saying something
senseless. At that time, I had this one firm thought in my mind: I will
never utter a word that is not supposed to be said by Dafa
practitioners and I will be determined to say what I am supposed to
say. Under Teacher's protection and empowerment, I successfully
clarified the truth to the agents of evil, In one day and two evenings
in a row, I managed to clarify the truth to our local agents of the
evil organization face to face and in an upright manner. This became
the first step of my clarifying the truth, validating the Fa, opposing
evil and assisting the Teacher in saving sentient beings.

Later, while doing work related to clarifying the truth and validating
the Fa, I have been abducted three times, once to a brainwashing
center, once to a detention center and once to the police station .
These abductions lasted three months, one month, and 15 days,
respectively. During that time, Teacher published many articles on
Fa-rectification and using righteous thoughts to eliminate evil.
Teacher has been pointing out to us the path of validating the Fa and
cultivation from time to time, and I follow the guidance from Teacher's
words. I validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with
wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy. I clarify the truth
thoroughly, eliminate evil with righteous thoughts, save all beings,
and safeguard the Fa with determination. Dafa is Indestructible. I have
been maintaining a clear understanding of the principles of the Fa and
a firm belief in Dafa and Teacher, using my righteous thoughts and
actions, making use of opportunities of being illegally detained by the
agents of evil to turn them into opportunities for face-to-face
truth-clarification, to eliminate evil with wisdom, so that I have been
able to return home safe in the end.

By and large, during the past years I have been growing under the
Buddha's light, I have been tempering my will under the persecution and
have become more and more mature. Especially during the process of
clarifying the truth and validating the Fa, many people who used to be
deceived by the evil Party became clear. They stopped following the
evil Party in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Many of them made a
wise choice and quit the Party. Among them are people who work for the
police, the Domestic Security Brigade, and the Political and Judicial
Committee, who used to be my teachers, classmates, friends and
relatives. They are from all walks of life and they will all be among
the sentient beings who will walk into the future.

Thinking back, under Teacher's benevolent care, under Dafa's guidance,
under fellow practitioners' working well with each other, under the
support of good citizens in society, we have walked a path full of
hardships, a path full of tears and, also, happiness. It is full of
opportunities that Dafa has brought us and engenders gratitude for Dafa.

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