Everything Is a Reflection of Xinxing

Jin Gang Xiao

PureInsight | May 11, 2008

[PureInsight.org] There are no
coincidences in cultivation. Recently I clarified the truth to ordinary
people. Obviously, my every thought affects how receptive the other
parties will be. I did not realize it before until I read what Master
said in Zhuan Falun,
"Good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought, and the
thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." 
What that means is that the cultivators' thoughts are very important.
How do we keep our thoughts pure and in accordance with the standards
of the Fa?  I believe our spontaneous thought is the reflection of
our xinxing. If we can think
about how to save people and think of other people first, naturally our
truth clarification will have the best effect upon people and,
consequently, save people.

Everything is a reflection of our xinxing.
When others reject my truth clarification, I look back and realize that
it is my poor mentality: showing off, superiority complex, zealotry,
competitiveness, and the like. All those notions show up in my
thoughts. Thus, it is very hard to save people!  Their attitudes
act like a mirror to remind me that, if I don't get rid of those human
notions and cultivate righteous thoughts, how can I save them?

Our xinxing can also display
in the little details of our everyday life or work, the attitude we
take toward various matters, the ways we deal with various
circumstances. Looking back, I can see where my heart was. For example,
sometimes tough situations appear. Should I calm down and deal with
them one by one or should I deal with them impatiently? When I face a
difficult situation and find no way out, should I readjust my attitude
and study the Fa? When I see other practitioners need help or kind
reminders, should I be reproachful or compassionate? To see it in a
different light, those tough situations, unresolved problems, and
failing to help others also reflect the condition of my xinxing. The end results often indicate where my xinxing is.

Oh well, my non-practitioner relative came by today while I was making
truth clarifying materials.  When I heard him knocking on the
door, I picked things up quickly and tried to be calm. After he left, I
thought about my manner and attitude and realized that my attitude was
not good enough: it has a fear factor hidden within because I have not
trusted Master and the Fa enough.  To pick my stuff up is
reasonable, but there is something lacking. What happened to my calm
composure and open and easy manner?  Didn't that reflect my xinxing
As a result, my relative was prompted to ask me many questions. Didn't
that remind me that I should believe in Master and the Fa?

Thank you, Master, for letting me understand that: everything occurs during the cultivation is good!

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