The Biggest Hindrance on the Path of Godhood: Human Notions

A Mainland Practitioner

PureInsight | May 11, 2008

[] We
cultivators are walking on the path of godhood. We want to be above the
human realm and move toward that of the gods.  The difference
between a human being and a god is only the thought in the heart. Human
beings think about themselves and gods think about others. In order to
become a god, one must transform one's heart from a human heart to a
Buddha heart. How should this transformation occur? Basically, we have
thought about ourselves before and have our own interests at heart
instead of those of others. In other words, we must let go of ourselves
and think about others. When we can put others first at every moment,
we have met the standard of being a god.

In order for this to become a reality, one has to cultivate one's heart
well. Keep one's every notion in check, eliminate human notions, and
fill one's heart with righteous thoughts.  Our human notions
prevent us from making this transformation. Human notions are all very
selfish in nature. When we want to think about others first, our human
notions will protest and block us. They will reflect many selfish ideas
in your mind and prevent you from doing the right thing. Therefore,
"human notions" become the biggest hindrance on the path to godhood.

What makes us not want to be diligent? It is our attachment to comfort,
fear of suffering, difficulties in giving up fame and gains and various
human notions.  With these human notions blocking us, we cannot
move forward on our cultivation path.

Then what prompts persecution to happen?   Human notions, of
course. The evil got hold of our attachments to human notions and
started the persecution. Under the persecution, some practitioners gave
in and some even walked to the extreme direction. Who defeated them?
Their human notions did it. No matter how vicious the evil beings are,
they have to take advantage of human notions to facilitate their evil
deeds. When human notions surpass righteous thoughts, a practitioner
might then walk to the opposite side.

Human notions are involvements, hindrances, and also the roots of
disaster.  If we want to walk to   godhood, we must
eliminate these blockages. In order to eliminate our human notions, we
must look inward all the time, which is the most effective method of
getting rid of human notions.

After we eliminate our human notions, our hearts will be pure and
righteous and evil can no longer find an excuse to persecute us and
thus, we negate the arrangements of the old forces. When our thoughts
are righteous, our spoken words will be powerful. Our words can then
move people and awaken the compassion in their hearts. Consequently,
they are saved.

Therefore, whether we can solidly cultivate our own heart is not only a question of our own xinxing
elevation but also whether we can be responsible for the Fa and the
sentient beings. Only when we can cultivate ourselves, can we do the
three things well and fulfill our historical missions

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