Cultivation Diary: At That Wonderful, Yet Ordinary, Moment


PureInsight | May 11, 2008

[] When I passed
by a bicycle shed this morning, I saw there was an empty basket on each
bicycle. I placed truth-clarifying material in the baskets and left
quietly. At that very short moment, the bicycle shed seemed to brighten
up when I turned around to look.


In the crowded subway, I often met predestined people when I had smile
on my face. As we looked at each other, a predestined relationship had
already formed. Because of hurrying, I could only pass over a
truth-clarifying CD. In that ordinary moment, I was very happy to see
that the CD was accepted and was grateful for the boundless power of
the Fa.


Whether it was in a railway car or at a dining table, when I persuaded
a stranger who had been deceived by the evil Party, and then suddenly
realized it, to agree to withdraw from membership in the Chinese
Communist Party, in that short moment, it seemed like the whole space
became clear and benign.

When I encountered disheartening difficulties, or felt sad, exhausted,
and despairing, I calmed my mind to study the Fa and become absorbed in
it. At that moment, I shed tears and was assimilated in the Fa.

When I had an argument with a fellow practitioner and neither one was
able to persuade the other and we got bogged down in our own egos and
notions, I put my palms together devoutly and sincerely apologized to
the fellow practitioner. At that moment when we both laid down our own
notions, a lotus flower appeared. It was so splendid.

When I found my own attachments and saw my filthy selfishness and
rectified the degenerate aspects of my own being, at that moment, when
they were thoroughly eliminated, I was so happy.

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