I Hear the Singing of Freedom

Jin Gang Xiao

PureInsight | May 18, 2008

[PureInsight.org] When I was
little, as I remember, I was often awakened by my mother's screaming
from her nightmares. I learned later that during the Cultural
Revolution my mother was only 24 years old and experienced an attack
from the terrorists for the first time. About a dozen revolutionary
guards broke into her home, ransacked the house, and put my innocent
father in jail. I was not even born then, but my mother never realized
that ever since the terror was so deeply rooted in her mind that she
continued to have nightmares for more than ten years.

This is our experience. I know every family in China has similar
memories of terror.  The evil specter of Communism from the West
nearly stopped the heartbeat of ancient China and caused disasters,
violence, blood-shed and other evil things in China.  I am so
grateful for the publication of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist
Party," which exposes the brutality of the evil specter completely. I
was the one who introduced this book to my mother because I hoped her
nightmares would stop after she read it. My mother was the first one in
our family to quit the party and its affiliated organizations. Both my
mother and father believed that their children's advice to quit the
party with a pseudonym is a correct decision.  In reality, her
nightmares did stop after she took the right action.

I also introduced the "Nine commentaries on the Communist Party" to
everyone around me, including my immediate family members, uncles,
aunts, cousins, classmates, and friends.  Due to the fact that I
am a practitioner, they had a difficult time accepting the truth in the
beginning, partly because they were deeply poisoned by the Party
Culture. As time went on, when they recognized that Dafa practitioners
were compassionate, tolerant, and peaceful yet persevering, their
consciences were awakened slowly.

Yes, I heard then the voice of their minds break through the bondage
toward spirit, even though the voice was quite weak and the yearning
was not very courageous.

Just like a drop of water can eventually drip through rock, the weak
voices combined together can resound through the sky of the spirit. In
the beginning of the persecution in 1999, one of my uncles threw me and
Dafa truth clarification materials out of his front door. When he went
abroad in 2005, he heard the truth. After he came back, he wanted to
see me immediately. I was forced to be homeless then. He told my mother
that he wanted to apologize in person. My uncle is a graduate of the

Beijing University. During the Cultural Revolution, he was sent to the
Northwest for more than ten years to watch the squash field because he
put a question mark on a poster: "Hu Feng is an anti-revolutionary."
When I heard on the telephone that he knew the truth about Dafa, I
deeply felt that his decades-long constraining nightmare had come to an

Every drop of water will flow toward the river and every river flows
into the ocean. The same is true of freedom because it is a gift and
privilege from heaven.

Today, I can clearly hear the sound of freedom, from weak to loud, in
my homeland, from the soul of one person spreading to another while
people are saying good-bye to evil and choosing a new life.  From
the Chinese New Year Spectacular, in the program "The Power of
Awareness," people see the evil doers who persecuted Falun Gong
practitioners being stopped by righteous and kindhearted people. As the
backdrop displays "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," I believe
that will be the standard for future human beings.  I believe the
"Power of Awareness" on stage will turn into the power of awareness for
the entire audience.

I will hear the sound of freedom and the singing of joy penetrate all
of the territory of China after the evil is gone.  Oh, freedom,
freedom! We have experienced so much hardship, so many harsh winters to
meet you and we no longer need to fly to another country to find you.
Freedom is within our awakening hearts. Freedom is singing its way back
to China.

Today is Falun Dafa Day. On this magnificent day, as an average Dafa
practitioner, I am deeply grateful for Master's salvation! As a human
being, I can see hope for the future of mankind.  In the future,
my children and their children will have a huge celebration for this.
They will commemorate those who marched bravely for freedom and freedom
of belief.  They will commemorate those who became messengers of
gods and gave up their halos and came down to earth with the Lord of
Buddhas. Commemorating Falun Dafa for its spread to the whole world
will become the most glorious page in the history of mankind!

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