Random Notes from Lian's Heart (3): Encountering Fellow Practitioners

Jing Lian

PureInsight | May 11, 2008

[PureInsight.org] I often go out to clarify the truth like a monk wondering around and Master's poem "Tathagata" would come to my mind:

"Coming with true principles of free will,

With a light and easy spirit, traversing the four seas

The Fa principles spread everywhere in the human world

Fully laden with living beings, the Fa boat sails."

My understanding is that it is Master who is not afraid of difficulty
and hardships in saving us and has brought us onto the Falun Dafa boat
of rectifying Fa at the beginning. Now we have to give up our
self-attachments and cultivate well to become Buddhas and gods so we
can better save people, just like Buddhas and gods.

On the way, I have met some fellow practitioners. Among them there are
kind aunties, mature middle aged gentlemen, young active Dafa disciples
and also pretty outgoing elder sisters. We will greet each other with
"I am the same as you," or an understanding smile, or a heshi with two
hands. Then we leave each other and are busy with our own things.
However, seeing each other on the way enhances my righteous thoughts
and will to be more diligent. Yesterday, I met a fellow and led me to
quite a lot of new understandings.

Recently, I launch my internet browser more often and browsed through
various websites with the excuse of needing to pay close attention to
national and international situations so it is easier to tell the
truth. Every day, if I do not go to the internet to scan some
information or make some posts in the online chat rooms, I feel that
there is something missing from that day and I am very uncomfortable.
Even though I do the three things and read the Dafa book, do I still
have an attachment? Do I not have something that I can not let go of
and have not yet eliminated my attachment to through cultivation? I
always used doing three things as an excuse to cover and protect
myself. The cultivation process is a process of getting rid of
attachments. If I can not eliminate my attachment of enjoying the
internet and news, how can I walk on the right path of saving people
and rectifying the Fa?

Because we tell the truth so often, sometimes we feel that the
environment is getting better and better and the situation is turning
right. Many people now realize the truth and agree with Dafa. So after
we feel happy about that, is not it that we also tend to neglect the
safety issue? I send the righteous thoughts four times a day. However,
the mid night one I often slept through. I just sat there for 10 to 20
minutes without sending out the righteous thoughts and then lay down to
continue sleep. During the daytime, my mind sometimes also is not clear
and is interfered when I send the righteous thoughts. All these
phenomenon should be warning signs for me, isn't it?

Now let me talk about my attachment of showing off. I have not
completely eliminated the attachment of pursuing fame. Sometimes I do
not even realize it when it appears, not to say to control it. It seems
to me that I understand the Fa principles slightly better than others
and also have persuaded more people to quit Communist party and its
related youth associations than others. So I somehow feel delighted
about myself without being aware of it. When I tell the truth to
everyday people and introduce the Dafa principles and situations, I
somehow have an emotional feeling of being superior to them and feel
like I am walking on air. Every time I publish an article on the web, I
feel happy in my heart. Even though, on the surface, it may seem that I
did not show off and my family members did not know about some
articles, that feeling is pride is still there. All these areas reflect
my attachment of pursuing fame and showing off. It is not obvious when
I do not do anything. However, when I have some kind of achievement, I
have found that this attachment becomes really obvious. What do I do
all these things for? Is it for showing off myself and my abilities? Is
not it for better validating Dafa, for Fa-rectification and for better
saving sentient beings? All my abilities are manifested by Dafa and I
am only a tiny particle within Dafa. In front of the profound Buddha's
Fa and Grand Master, I am only a tiny microscopic speck of dirt in the
enormous universe. Doing three things well is what I should do and it
is my vow from millions of years ago and the destined historic
arrangement. If I do not do well, I should think deeply and feel
ashamed. Because my sense of self and my selfish attachments are so
strong, it is difficult for the true me to come out from the masked me
in the human world.  And so I can not do better in all those
things as I should.

In the mean time, when I see fellow practitioners' attachment, what
kind of a heart do I have? Is it a tolerant merciful heart for helping?
Or a standing-by person's heart for criticizing? Do we kindly provide
help? Or do we just judge it indifferently? The difference in xinxing levels and cultivation states will be clearly manifested.

I feel my cultivation is clearly better than before. But when I really look inward and check deeply in my heart, I find that my xinxing
is still far away from the standard of purity and from the level of
Buddha and god. I still have so many attachments that I need to get rid

Here I want to thank Master again for his compassionate hints. I will
be the cultivator described as "Forbearing hardships, advancing
whole-heartedly, discarding attachments" (from "Hong Yin" - Climbing the Tai Mountains), and do three things even better!

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