The Magical Amulet and Those "Nine True Words" Protect People in the Sichuan Earthquake Disaster

By Dafa Disciples in China

PureInsight | June 10, 2008

[] On May 12,
2008, a large-scale earthquake shook Sichuan province and in seconds,
took tens of thousands of lives, including children. The tragedy is so
horrible that no language can describe it. But among my relatives and
friends who live in the most damaged region of the earthquake zone,
they are all safe, though their houses have different levels of damage.
Even their domestic animals are safe. How did they escape such a
disaster? This is because they all understood the truth about Dafa and
had withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Not only did my uncle withdraw from the CCP, he also accepted a Falun Dafa amulet and has read Zhuan Falun.
The day the earthquake struck, my uncle was just getting ready for his
daily nap. At that moment, his friend invited him to play cards
outside. My uncle went outside and started to play. Just then the
earthquake occurred. He did not have any injures because he was not
inside the house. My uncle later said, "The magical amulet protected
me. Falun Dafa's master saved me. I am so grateful." It was no
coincidence that people asked him to go outside when he wanted to sleep.

My aunt's health was not good. Last year my mother clarified the truth
about Dafa to her when she visited her hometown. She also told her to
say "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance is good."
God blessed her and protected her. After some time, my aunt told my
mother that those "nine true words" are really magical. She recited
them everyday and felt her body was very light. She did not feel tired
even after she had done a lot of work. Even the young people felt
strange. She asked my other why that she had such good energy. My
mother smiled and told her that Falun Dafa is really the Buddha Law and
has such power. After that my aunt earnestly and sincerely recited
those nine true words everyday. My mother also gave her an amulet. My
aunt carried it with her everyday.

When the earthquake struck, my father was worried about his aunt's
family. He said that her house was dangerous even without the
earthquake. He thought that this major an earthquake must have
destroyed her house. But on the day after the earthquake, she called
and told us that her whole family was safe. She also told us that she
usually feeds her pigs at home during the time of day that the
earthquake struck. But on that day, she wanted to do things outside. So
she fed the pigs earlier and then went out. Therefore, she and her
family did not suffer any injures. Only her house had a little damage.
But the amazing thing is that my aunt's room did not collapse. All
food, the refrigerator, and other daily appliances are in her room.
Therefore, she did not have much problem getting by after the
earthquake. The pig room collapsed. She thought that all pigs must have
died. The most magical thing was that later, she found that all pigs
were alive. Even those newly born pigs were fine after they pulled them
out from the debris two days later.

My other uncle also had the habit of taking a daily nap. But on the day
of the earthquake, he felt that he could not stay home and just wanted
to go outside and do some work. Therefore, he also escaped this
disaster. And all the domestic animals at his home were found to be
alive after taking them out from the debris. This was really due to the
magical amulet that protected him and those nine true words that saved

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