Walking Out of “Self”

By Xin Zheng

PureInsight | September 22, 2008

[PureInsight.org] I realize more and more that on the cultivation path I ought to walk well following Master’s arrangements to validate Dafa. I must look inward during the process as we “compare in studying, compare in cultivation” (“Solid Cultivation” from Hong Yin). I need to find my attachments and get rid of them. I have to do things well in harmony and walk out of “self (me).”

In the past (during the period of self cultivation), some of my actions were extreme. I purposely avoided many conflicts and did not want to participate in all kinds of leisure activities. Thus, I met very few people. Some attachments, including “like or dislike” and “want to do or do not want to do,” did not have any chance of being exposed. For example, I had no interest in attending weddings, friends’ parties, traveling, going to singing halls, visiting friends to chat, and so on. Thus, I missed many opportunities to meet people and to introduce Falun Gong to them.

But now, in order to save people, I realized: “How can I save people if I keep that kind of cultivation state?” Therefore, now I want to go to all those kinds of activities. For example, I used an opportunity when I was invited to sing where everyone else was singing in a hall and I sang some songs about Dafa. My classmates and family members listened to me sing and some of them shouted “good” after I finished. As everyone was in high spirits, I chatted with many people while others were happily singing, and I told them the truth about Dafa. I even persuaded them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its puppet organizations. The effects were excellent.

During the process, I put down my attachment of like or dislike, want to do or not want to do, and I tried my best to do the three things well.

Because now I pay more attention to walking out of “self,” what is in my mind everyday is how to meet people using all possible ways and how to save people effectively. As long as I can achieve the following results: “he can be saved,” “he can quit the CCP,” “his kind thoughts can be brought up from deep in his heart,” “he can realize Dafa is good,” or “he can approach Dafa in his understanding,” these things are worth the efforts.

When I have these kinds of thoughts (thinking about others first), Master arranges many opportunities for me to meet people and all kinds of ways to save people. It depends on oneself how much one can be enlightened and how well one can utilize the opportunities.

I will continue to use all sorts of ordinary people’s ways to do things among everyday people, but my mind is in Dafa, and I will follow Master’s arrangements and walk correctly on my path of doing the three things well!

Translated from:http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/8/20/54465.html

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