True Stories of Reincarnation: A Human Body is Hard to Come By

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | October 6, 2008

[] About a month ago, one of my friends invited us to go to the beach. It was twilight and the moon started to rise, as the sun was still hanging low on the horizon. When I looked at the sky and the ocean merging together, I thought of the ancient lines of poetry, “The moon rose above the ocean,” and, “The clouds at sunset share the sky with a flying crane and the water is as blue as the sky.”

I sat on a rock by the ocean and the seawater kissed my feet gently. Watching the little islands in the sea, I was thinking about how to clarify the truth better. From my third eye, I saw many deities from the ocean come to see us, and they wished us well and encouraged us to do better. I said to them, “I hope that you all remember Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good, so you can have a bright future!” They laughed and said, “We'll remember, and we hope that Dafa disciples take good care of themselves.”

After we visited the ocean, my friend invited us to dinner. I did not really want to go, but it was hard to turn down his hospitality, so I agreed to go. Later, I understood that there was a good reason for this.

In the private dinning room of the restaurant, there was a fish tank with a dozen tropical fish. They were swimming back and forth and seemed to be quite carefree. But actually, they were quite troubled. One of the fish, a leader perhaps, said, “We have all violated the rules of Heaven and are being punished in this world. And worse yet, we have not obtained a human body.” I said to them, “You better tell me your story so I can write it down. Just consider it as participating in validating the Fa and you will have a good resolution.” Thus, the fish told me their story in order to warn worldly people.

The twelve fish were divided into three groups, four in each group. They all lived within the three realms, namely, the East Sea, South Sea, and North Sea.

The first group of four fish were all guards on a mountain in the East Sea of Heaven. On the mountain, there were various kinds of heavenly fruits. Whenever there was a large gathering, the Jade Emperor treated divine beings from everywhere with those fruits. These four guards had been there for a very long time. They had their own food, which was very delicious. But as the universe became degenerated, they too, went astray and had impure thoughts in their minds. For example, when they were guarding the orchard, they certainly should not have stolen the fruit, because that would have been committing a wrong deed. But one day, one guard said, “There are so many divine beings gathering here so no one will pay any attention to what we do. We have been here guarding the orchard, but we have not tasted any fruit ourselves. If we pick a few and eat them, we may even gain more gong!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!,” they all agreed. So they went and ate a few pieces of fruit from the orchard. But, not only did their gong not increase, their bodies grew heavier. One of them questioned, “Did we eat something that we should not have eaten and are being punished and sent down?” Another relied, “Other divine beings don’t have time to watch us. How could we be punished so fast?” They soon found that they had lost their golden armor and human forms, and had been turned into four fish!

Meanwhile, a loud voice that came from above said, “You guards stole fruit from Heaven, and all of your gong is gone. You will become fish and go down to the human world. You will be fish lifetime after lifetime and suffer a great deal in the water. Only when you can meet an enlightened being who offers salvation to humankind, or his disciples, will you then be saved.”

They regretted their actions very much at that time, but it was too late. As a result, they suffered a great deal in the ocean, and they were not happy at all. Perhaps, there is still a little bit of compassion left in their hearts, and Master had arranged me to see them. If they had not met any Dafa disciples, they would have remained as suffering fish forever!

The four fish in the second group were guards of the palace in the South Sea of Heaven. Like the guards in the first group, after they had been there for a long time, an evil deity took advantage of their greedy hearts, and they lost one of the most precious treasures. As a result, the dragon emperor punished them by making them live as fish lifetime after lifetime in the human world.

The four fish in the third group were also guards of a very capable deity in the temple of the North Sea of Heaven. One time, this deity went out and found a child in the human world who was very playful and had a normal amount of capability. Out of compassion, the deity wanted to assimilate the child with the principles of Heaven. So he entrusted the care of the child to these four guards. But after some time, gradually these guards had themselves changed to be like the child! The deity was sad that the guards’ xinxing could no longer meet the requirements of that level and were going to have to drop down. When the deity had not quite decided what they should become, he saw a fish swim slowly toward him, and so he turned the four guards into fish!

A being up in Heaven has a different realm of thinking. When a being is very pure, he does not think of something that is not righteous. It is certain that he would not do something that does not conform to the standards of that level.

But when a being becomes degenerate, he thinks quite differently, and his thoughts are adulterated with some selfish factors. His life and level are lowered when he does something wrong and disqualifies himself from being at that level.

In the earthly realm, there are numerous beings that are not able to obtain a human body. From that standpoint, shouldn't we cherish our human body?

An opportunity like this comes only once in a very long time. If you miss it, you may have to wallow in misery forever! It is hard to say if you will be able to keep yourself safe. A human body is hard to obtain and an opportunity to learn the truth is even harder to come by! Please cherish Dafa and the opportunities that Dafa disciples repeatedly give you to learn the truth!

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