Cultivation Diary: Using Strong Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate Evil and Save Sentient Beings

By Jingang Xiao

PureInsight | October 6, 2008

[] Lately, I have seen long lists of Falun Dafa practitioners who are being persecuted; I also hear news of practitioners I know being persecuted, which includes persecution in the form of “illnesses” and economic persecution. I feel saddened and angered.

But this sadness and indignation are not based on human emotions. I feel sad because I didn’t do my best, and I still have so many obstacles that I haven’t cleared up, which has resulted in my fellow practitioners being persecuted. Today, I deeply realize that we are one body.

My indignation is a god’s indignation. Several days ago, I shared with a fellow practitioner that the time when Jesus and Sakyamuni came down to save people and encountered tribulations has already passed; today it is Falun Dafa that is spreading widely in society. As a Dafa practitioner, we should not allow this type of persecution to happen again. The fact that it is happening must have something to do with us practitioners. Where are our divine sides?

I can feel gods’ indignation in my own dimension. It is a peaceful, still, and mighty power which is strengthened by strong righteous thoughts. Instantly, it can make me very big in other dimensions. It becomes a piece of cake for me to eliminate evil. When evil comes to me, there is only one outcome for them: to be eliminated. When a being that is controlled by evil factors comes to me, it has two choices: discard the evil and follow the good, seeing that Falun Dafa is good, or the other choice, which is to face retribution immediately. In this way, a being can be warned that I will not allow him to persecute Dafa practitioners recklessly and without restraint.

We don’t need to be polite to the evil. Neither should we hesitate to eliminate them. That’s what I enlightened to about righteous thoughts today. In this state, it’s natural that one cares less and less about oneself. When I meet anyone that has a karmic relationship with us, all that I think is Falun Dafa will surely save them, the truth of Dafa will surely save them. Once I think this way, I use all my effort and try all possible ways to save them. It is true that I still have this or that attachment. I sometimes have fear and misgivings, but there is no way to stop me. The more unbridled the evil is, the more I am determined not to stop eliminating the evil and saving sentient beings.

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