Remove the Attachment to Sleep When Sending Righteous Thoughts

By a Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | October 6, 2008

[] Not long ago, I felt very sleepy, my mind was muddled and even my hands sank down when I sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight. This situation lasted for quite some time but I couldn’t change it.

However, just recently, I figured out a method to get rid of the attachment to sleep at midnight when sending forth righteous thoughts. When the alarm clock goes off at 12AM sharp, instead of staying in bed for a while as before, which made me fall asleep again, I get up straight away and go into the bathroom. I fill the basin with cool water. I immerse my face (not my whole head) in the water for a few seconds to get a quick refreshing. I raise my face and immerse again. I repeat three times. Then I become awake and my mind is clear. Consequently, I am able to send righteous thoughts in an effective and efficient way.

In fact, it is a method of strengthening the Main Consciousness. It is like what Master has taught us in the main book of Dafa, Zhuan Falun, “The Sixth Talk,” “If you watch, when the doctor in a mental hospital is about to administer an electric shock, the psychotic person immediately gets so scared that he stops mumbling nonsense. And why is that? At that moment his master soul perks up, and he’s afraid of getting shocked.”

I recommend this method to those practitioners who have the attachment to sleep when sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight and in the early morning.

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