Killing and Creating Karma on the Cultivation Path

A Dafa disciple in Wei Hai

PureInsight | November 10, 2008

[] A few days ago, I shared my understanding about raising pigs with a fellow practitioner. I was shocked when this practitioner told me some stories. It looked like many practitioners had serious problems regarding this subject.

Killing Pigs

Before 1999, a practitioner shared his experience during a Fa conference, in which he told a story about a practitioner in a village who raised pigs. When it was close to the Chinese New Year, that practitioner was about to kill a pig. However, he had a dream that the pig jumped out of the pigpen and questioned him as if it was a human being, “How on earth can you kill me?” He had the same dream three times. Ever since then, that practitioner never raised pigs again.

Raising Chickens

A practitioner in a certain village obtained the Fa in 1998. Each year, she raised over ten chickens. Some practitioners shared their understandings with her that she shouldn’t raise chickens. She said, “Although we cultivate now, my family members don’t. They like to eat chicken, and they don’t eat other meat such as pork, etc. So how can I not raise chickens?” She didn’t enlighten on the subject. In 2007, she lost many teeth. Other practitioners said it was due to her eating chickens. She disagreed. Later she had a dream in which many chickens questioned her saying, “What gives you the right to kill us?” Only at that point did she realize that she shouldn’t raise chickens.

Raising Minks

A coordinator raised minks for two years. Other practitioners shared their understandings with him that he shouldn’t raise animals in such a way. He said, “As long as I cultivate well, those minks can go to my heaven to be my sentient beings.” Other practitioners pointed out, “Can you reach consummation while killing?” He didn’t listen. Later, practitioners witnessed that his arms became paralyzed. Then in August of this year, he was unlawfully arrested under the authority of the evil Chinese Communist Party.

Cooking crabs

After cooking crabs, a practitioner had a dream in which a group of people with red eyes, long dangling hair, and wearing white clothes, floated towards him angrily. After he awoke, he realized this was due to his killing those crabs.

Another practitioner has been practicing for over ten years. He has repeatedly had the symptom of “wet feet.” Then he dreamt that the wet areas on his feet were covered by layer upon layer of small oysters. He realized that it was because in his previous lives he had killed many oysters.

Last year, I bought live shellfish to eat. Some other practitioners bought live crabs and live fish to eat. Now, I realize the seriousness of this subject. I hope fellow practitioners can be strict with themselves because the tribulations on the cultivation path are all caused by us.

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