Understandings from Cultivation: Do Not Be Attached to Ordinary Things

A Dafa disciple outside of China

PureInsight | November 10, 2008

[Pureinsight.org] Yesterday, something unpleasant happened at my work place and I was quite unhappy about it. On my way home, I remembered Master’s Fa and realized that it must be my fault when I had a conflict with an everyday person. I must have done something wrong.

Even though I was thinking this way, I did not search my heart deeply to find what I had done wrong.

In the evening, when I studied Fa, I read, “The thought that he sends out is in stereo sound, so when you hear it, it sounds like he’s talking” (Zhuan Falun, The Third Talk). I realized that when communicating with others or simply just being present in an environment, my mental state is very important. If I have ordinary people’s notions or random thoughts in my mind, even if I do not say a word or do anything, my chaotic thoughts would affect others. Then I realized that I should not have any thoughts that are negative and are not in line with the Fa at any time.

Then I read the following: “Human life came into being in the space of the universe, so it was assimilated to the nature of the universe—to be True, Good, and Endure—and it was originally good and kind” (Zhuan Falun, The Third Talk). I have read this sentence many times. Yet, I just realized today that doing things according to the Fa is not just an ordinary choice that one can select. “Truth, Kindness, Tolerance” is the nature of the universe. I am a life in the universe. So it is quite natural to do things that way. Otherwise, a life will be ended. It is like a man trying to survive in a place without water and air.

When I got up this morning, a few things that happened at my workplace were still on my mind. Later, I enlightened that how much of my life has been assimilated to Dafa and what kind of fate my assimilated parts have really has nothing to do with how other lives treat me. Whenever anything happens to me in ordinary society, it is all about myself being tested. Everyday people all have their own fate, so we do not need to be anxious about how they treat us. During this process, it is most important that we assimilate to Dafa, do things according to Fa, and encourage others to come closer to the nature of the universe.

Translated from:http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/9/12/54819.html


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