My Thoughts: Predestined Relationship Is Like a Thread

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 20, 2009

[] There was a time when I wanted to wander about the country. But regardless of how open and free-spirited I was, I eventually returned to where I am now—to work in a small factory in a small city, looking after an old steam-operated machine.

Everyone wants to travel around the world and live a rich life, but we cannot always get what we want. I have travelled to so many places, but no matter how hard I tried to stay away from where I am now, eventually some unknown force dragged me back to where I belong, to live in this mountain, by this water, and among these people.

This is predestined relationship and what we call fate!

Therefore, a lot of times we think some things belong to us, but as soon as we reach out to touch them, they are gone. It means they do not belong to us at all. In other words, we lack predestined relationship with them, or the time has not yet arrived.

This is true with people, jobs, and even the places we live in.

There is an old saying: “Everyone has his or her own fate.” I didn’t realize the power of these words until I had experienced them personally. Now I have stopped being over-ambitious and constantly shifting about. Instead, I ponder how to walk my steps more steadfastly and realistically. I politely refused many offers from friends and relatives trying to get me to live with them.

I believe in the old saying: “Heavens care for every living thing.” Although I have little money, I will make sure to fulfill my vow! I also firmly believe that everything that has been arranged for me is the very best for me! Isn’t one’s understanding of “content in poverty and devoted to things spiritual” a manifestation of one’s realm?

March 22, 2009

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