Cheerfully Welcome Spring

Xiao Mi

PureInsight | April 20, 2009

[] Although there is still a little chill in the air, small green leaves have begun to bud from the tree branches. The dry and withered grassland has become green again. Suddenly, I realized that spring has come quietly.

I could not stop myself from sighing with a feeling: on the busy path of a human life, one is usually lost in the confused human world. Sometimes people even do not pay attention to the things which are most important to them and may lose many good opportunities because of it. Who knows how many irreconcilable regrets may form because of this. Actually, when one is lost in the muddled world, there is often someone around who will clear out the dense fog and point out the direction forward. At that time, one must slow down and take a step back from their busy life and listen to the direction quietly.

One day a beautiful and familiar melody interrupted my sleep. Following the melody, I saw an advertising car parked on the street close by. The beautiful melody was coming from the speakers inside the car. The cheerful and lively melody with its vigorous and strong drumming cleared away my wandering thoughts. I felt excitement and my heart was filled with happiness. I could not believe that I was hearing the program from the Divine Performing Arts (Shen Yun) show from out on the street—it was the Dragon Springs Drummers!

The evil Chinese Communist Party tried to interfere with the Divine Performing Art shows. But they did not realize that their interference not only increased the publicity of the shows, but also brought thousands of show DVDs into many people’s homes. Currently, the Divine Performing Arts show DVDs are even playing on streets! This was definitely not expected by the evil Party.

Spring is a season full of hopes. During spring, life starts to awaken gradually...

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