What a Western Practitioner Saw in Other Dimensions (3)

A Western Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 11, 2010


1. Things Seen in Other Dimensions During Group Exercises

My fellow practitioner Long Long attended the 2009 Washington DC Fa Conference, as well as the activities before the conference. At the group practice site, he saw the energy field like the apex of an arch surrounding all practitioners. But several people were not covered in the energy field although they stood within the site (they might have been imposter practitioners or people who wanted to do bad things). In other dimensions, there were an uncountable number of sentient beings surrounding us in circles, and they followed us in doing the exercise movements. Long Long also saw another energy field in the form of the apex of an arch above us and those other sentient beings. There was also a big Falun in the sky, which was three-dimensional. Below it there were infinite layers of Faluns. Among them there were an uncountable number of substances and worlds. It was hard to describe this big Falun in words. One of Master's Fashen (law bodies) who was very large was above the big Falun. Master’s Fashen had blue curly hair, was dressed in a yellow kasaya, and performed the large hand signs. While Master was doing the large hand signs, a huge amount of energy was emitted from the center position of Master's chest to the all the practitioners there.

At his cultivation level, Long Long saw that Master's energy fell on the bodies of 20% of the practitioners. Instantly, the energy filled a layer of their cells. Then suddenly their bodies were shaking quickly with sound. Then they became transparent and their flesh bodies disappeared. After a while, they appeared again, and the energy started to accumulate in their bodies again. After the practitioners finished the fifth exercise and conjoined their hands, their bodies looked like they were covered by a layer of glass.

For the other practitioners, the energy fell into their bodies like grains of diamonds, but it couldn't form a layer of skin. Only for several people, the "diamonds" fell to the ground because their skin couldn't hold them or store them. Long Long saw that Master did Guanding for a few practitioners. The white-colored high-energy substances looked like milk in a small bowl coming down from the head into the body. He knew some of those practitioners from Mainland China.

Another Western practitioner saw Long Long and I wearing yellow T-shirts with "Falun Dafa is good" on them in this dimension. However, in another dimension, we wore helmets and armor, masks and gloves, which were all made of gold. They seemed to be bullet proof. Each of us carried a sword.

When I first met Long Long, I saw him covered by a layer of mud, which looked like a suit of armor. It’s just like when a wild boar rolls over in the mud to form layers of thick mud to protect itself. At that time, he had just obtained the Fa. Now, one year and five months had passed and the armor made of mud had already been transformed by Master into armor made of gold. After cultivating Dafa, we couldn't count how many good things were given to us by Master.

When I was arrested and illegally detained by the wicked police in China in 2001, I was beaten viciously by people who had followed the instructions of the wicked police. The longest period I was beaten non-stop was for 4 hours. At that moment, I didn't feel any pain. I knew that Master had given me the supernatural power of the golden bell shield and iron cloth shirt. The supernatural powers were outside my body. Sometimes, if I wanted to feel it, I could. In order to prevent me from sleeping, they handcuffed me and hung me up in the air. The handcuffs clenched my wrists, but they didn't cut into my flesh, nor did they cause a bruise. In such a posture, I still fell asleep and slept serenely. After they got tired, they realized they couldn't force me to do anything, so they gave up immediately.

The protective shield, the gold helmet, armor and sword given to me by Master protected me. Under the relentless persecution, I was arrested and beaten violently many times. I found it strange that I never dripped a drop of blood or shed one tear because of the persecution.

2. Things Seen in the Hall of the Fa Conference

At the beginning of the Fa conference, Long Long found that the energy field began to change. There was only Master's energy, which covered all of the Dafa practitioners' energy in different colors. He realized that Master was already inside the conference hall.

When Master came to the podium, our surroundings changed. They were not the same walls and hall in this dimension. It looked like we were moved to another dimension by Master and the lecture was being given there. (This dimension was also seen by a Mainland practitioner 10 years ago. That practitioner saw all of the practitioners including Mainland practitioners in this dimension.) There were also high-level sentient beings listening to the Fa with us. The conference hall was covered by an egg-shell shaped energy field. Even if there were a bomb, it couldn't damage it. It was completely safe, and it was all controlled by Master's boundless Fa power.

At one point, Master looked at Long Long while lecturing and at the same time spoke to Long Long by using mental telepathy. Master also used one hand to touch Long Long's body and said "Don't forget that your life is continuous because of Dafa, and it is to assist Master to rectify the Fa." Long Long felt that the voice was very loud, and he thought I could hear it because I was beside him. In fact, I didn't hear anything.

When Master said that he wanted to come to see everybody and waved his hands to us, Long Long saw the energy coming out from Master's palms. The energy touched everyone's body, no matter whether he cultivated well or not, whether he truly cultivated or came to do bad things. Long Long saw some people at the conference hall and in the parade who came to do bad things. He did not see any Falun or mechanism inside those people's abdomens. Those people did not have anything. They could not do any bad things, basically because some of them were controlled by other beings, and some of them were eliminated by Master.

The reason I wrote this article is to validate Dafa and encourage fellow practitioners to believe in Master and the Fa. Long Long once said that he had a firm belief in Dafa from the bottom of his heart. Even if his heart were cut into pieces and spread all over the world, each piece of his heart would still have the same belief: "Believe in Dafa firmly."

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/7/21/60663.html

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