What a Western Practitioner Saw in Other Dimensions (6)

A Western Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 23, 2010

[PureInsight.org] When I was in meditation, I saw Master’s Fashen walk down from each picture in my living room. I had seen this scene in a dream already. In the dream, the words escaped my lips: “Master’s Fashen is in each picture!” I remembered that when Master’s many Fashen talked to me, one Fashen said a few words in a sentence, another Fashen continued with a couple more words in the sentence, and so on. As such they finished the complete sentence. It sounded like one Fashen was talking. Their thoughts were identical and their cooperation was perfect.

In my meditation I saw 16 Fashen. They stood around my wife and I. On each side there were 4 Fashen. Outside them was a round energy field and above them was Master, who wore ordinary people’s clothes. After I came out of my stillness, I counted the pictures in the living room. There were exactly 16 pictures.

Once again, I saw a warrior who was naked above the waist and carrying a red-tasselled spear. He had a dragon that protected him ever since he was a child. That was the dragon I saw from time to time. The warrior did a lot of good deeds during his life, but a man and a woman spoke ill of him and persecuted him to death. The dragon inside his body could have come out to stop it; however, the dragon and he endured the enormous humiliation and torture together. When I saw this scene, they told me that what they did was all for today. I also saw Yue Fei’s mother tattoo the characters on Yue Fei’s back. At that moment, Yue Fei’s mother knew Yue Fei had a dragon inside to protect him. Only Yue Fei’s mother knew it.

I also saw Master take karma off of my body and my wife’s body. It was enormous karma. Master’s hands were bleeding immediately. I couldn’t stand the sight of it and I was about to cry: “Master, please don’t take it off. That is huge pain. Why would you endure it for me? I don’t deserve your kindness and grace.” However, before I said it, Master’s hands were back to normal.

When Master did Guanding for my wife and me, I saw all of Master’s Fashen cooperate with Master to do the Guanding together. I also saw that several fellow practitioners had a special karmic relationship with me. When my wife and I did the meditation, another me and another embodiment of my wife stood behind us wearing gold armor and helmets. The armor and helmets were more beautiful than before. The gold was even more pure. And for the first time I saw the extraordinarily beautiful phoenix of ancient mythology. It was behind my wife.

During the meditation I couldn’t feel my body. I could only feel a little bit of my thought, which concentrated on the area of my nose and eyes. Therefore, I could still feel the existence of my nose and eyes.

My mother was seriously ill many years ago. At that time she worried about her health very much. Then one day she heard a voice telling her that she would be fine, and she would be able to see her great-grandson, and she would live forever. Now my mother’s great-grandson is already 6 years-old. Recently, my mother was critically ill. I saw that in every dimension that existed simultaneously in the same place as our dimension there was another body of my mother. Every time when my mother went to the emergency room, I saw that a body of my mother in another dimension died. When that body died, the karma that body carried was evenly distributed to the rest of the bodies in the other dimensions. Starting from the layer of the most microscopic particles inside my mother’s body, now many bodies of my mother had died already.

I played the video of Master’s lectures for my mother. She said that Master’s voice was exactly the same voice that spoke to her many years ago, and back then the voice was in English. My mother practiced the five sets of exercises several times. In fact, she could barely stand up or walk; however, she still managed to do the first four exercises for one hour. She said she almost fell down when she did the second exercise. But she saw Master in the picture in the living room say to her: “You can do it. I will help you. You won’t die.” Recently, I often heard my mother talking to herself: “Falun Dafa will help me,” “Falun Dafa is good.”

I saw a sand timer in front of Master. The device used sand to measure time in ancient times. Master performed several small hand signs toward the sand timer. Then the flowing sands slowed down till they stopped. Master explained (the idea): “Time itself has no meaning. Time is not important.” Master performed several small hand signs again, and immediately all the sand in the bottom container flowed upwards to the upper container.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/12/18/63178.html

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