What a Western Practitioner Saw in Other Dimensions (2)

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 11, 2010

[PureInsight.org] I did the Falun Gong exercises recently with my fellow practitioner Long Long. I wanted to take a break in the middle, and during the break Long Long told me what he saw, which shocked me completely. As a result of what he told me, I realized that if we don’t cultivate well, we will let everyone down, including all the sentient beings in our world.

Long Long told me that when we did the exercises, countless beings behind us were in lines doing the exercises together. The trees and walls in this dimension didn’t affect them. The beings behind Long Long wore the same clothes as Long Long, but their faces and hair were different. The beings behind me wore the same clothes as I wore, but they looked like they were from different countries and races. Their appearance looked the same as that of our physical body in this dimension, yet they weren’t visible in this dimension. When I stopped the exercise music to take a break, all of them stopped and waited for me. When they did the exercises, they concentrated and they were very pious. Our physical bodies did a poor job. After hearing that, I was so ashamed of myself. Although I had been cultivating for many years, I still didn’t know to treasure Dafa.

When we did the second exercise, Long Long said that all the beings stood in circles. Those who looked like him formed the first circle. Those who looked like me formed the second. Shortly afterward, Master’s Fashen appeared. He wore a kasaya and sat above us in full-lotus position. Master continuously performed hand signs, sometimes big hand signs, sometimes small hand signs. Long Long didn’t understand what Master’s hand signs meant. I told him my understanding was that we needed to study the Fa more and do things according to Master’s requirements. If it were appropriate for us to understand the hand signs, Master would let us understand.

After the exercises, it was a long time before Long Long started talking. Long Long said it was difficult to cultivate with the third eye open because sometimes he got confused about whether things belonged to this dimension or the other. Most of the time, this dimension and the other dimension looked the same.

The next day, Long Long told me that the same things happened as the day before. However, this time he saw clearly what happened when Master performed the hand signs. Master cast an unlimited number of tiny particles to us, as well as to the beings behind us. The particles were brighter than a diamond. Master kept sending them and the particles went into our cells. Those who have read Zhuan Falun know that Master stores the high-energy matter in every cell of our physical bodies. I was under the impression that when we did the exercises, Falun and mechanisms did those things. In reality, all of it was done by Master! I told Long Long that actually that day I was absent-minded while doing the exercises. However, it seemed that Master didn’t mind and still gave me gong. My understanding is that as long as we want to cultivate, do the exercises and save sentient beings, even if we are not up to the standard, Master will still help us because what Master looks at is our heart.

When it was time to send forth righteous thoughts, Long Long said that those beings waited for us to send righteous thoughts together. But they didn’t clean themselves like we did ahead of time. When we put our hands upright, they all did the same thing.

After sending righteous thoughts, they all left.

On the third day, a new practitioner did the exercises with us. He obtained the Fa one year ago. Long Long said there were countless beings behind the new practitioner also. Master gave equal treatment to both him and us.

So whether we do the exercises or send righteous thoughts, our clothes need to be clean and appropriate. When sending righteous thoughts, we must not do it wearing only an undershirt or underwear just because it is early in the morning or late in the evening. We need to be serious about this matter. It is sacred and solemn to study the Fa, do the exercises, and send righteous thoughts.

Long Long has the greatest respect for Master. There are many of Master’s Law-Images in our living room. Long Long often offers incense piously. He has learned quite a bit of Chinese while listening to Master’s lectures. Sometimes when Chinese practitioners talk, he can understand roughly what they are talking about. People have asked him whether his wife taught him Chinese, and Long Long says that Master taught him Chinese. He said Master’s Fashen spoke to him in English. Once, Long Long saw with his third eye that he looked Chinese, with black hair. He said he doesn’t like any product made in China except his Chinese wife.

I would like to mention a magical thing. One day, Long Long’s coworker was hit by a machine. He was bleeding like crazy. Long Long covered the wound with his hands, saying it would be fine. As a result, when Long Long moved his hands away, there was no wound on his coworker’s hand. Where all the blood came from was a good question. His coworker stared at him with his mouth agape. He said that Long Long was superman. Long Long asked him not to tell anybody else and introduced Dafa to him. Later in the year, Long Long’s company held a contest. Long Long won the first prize due to having had no accidents throughout the whole year. The prize was $1500 and was something he longed for. But Long Long didn’t want to take it. I persuaded him to take it and said he could use the money on Dafa materials. Whether my understanding was in line with the Fa or not, I had the attachment of greed, but Long Long didn’t have it.

Moreover, Long Long said that when we did the exercises, a golden dragon often appeared. The dragon was big but it moved freely and lightly.

Long Long helped me a lot with my cultivation. He thanked me for introducing the Fa to him. In fact, Master arranged all of this. On the human side, we do things according to Master’s requirements on the surface, but actually it is all done by Master’s boundless Fa power.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/5/12/59471.html


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