Cleaning the Mirror

Canadian Dafa Practitioner, Shi Lei

PureInsight | March 16, 2010

[] Once upon a time, there was a cultivator who practiced in a temple for many years, and he was very sincere in his cultivation. One day, he found himself with some gray hair and becoming more elderly. He thus started to question his cultivation way and his master. Although not speaking out his doubts, he was less diligent than he had been in the past and the double-leg crossing became single-leg crossing during the sitting meditation.

One day, when he was doing meditation, his master came up and said to him, “Could you clean the mirror on the wall?”

He pretended that he didn’t hear him.

His master said again, loudly, “Could you clean the mirror on the door now?”

Having no choice, he stood up slowly to clean the mirror. Covered with a thick layer of dust, the mirror did not reflect anything.

As he wiped part of the mirror, he found his own image in the mirror. In the image, however, he was young and handsome, and dressed in a golden kesaya.

He understood his teacher’s words and began to cultivate diligently.

The above story is what I saw one day when sending forth righteous thoughts. I do not know when or where it happened, but it was not accidental for me to see it. I hope all Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners can continue to be diligent.

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