A Miraculous Trilogy: Everything is Arranged by Master

A Dafa disciple

PureInsight | March 16, 2010


A Miraculous Episode, Part I

Ever since Friday, I started to think about whether I should go and support practitioners in “S” city because there are two Shen Yun shows there next Monday and Tuesday. “I should probably go to S city on Sunday,” I thought. However, I wasn’t sure in my heart and didn’t know whether there were any other practitioners who would like to go with me. If no one wanted to go and it was only myself, I probably wouldn’t go since it takes 4 to 5 hours round trip by car. Thus, I sent out an email, and no one replied. I was a little bit disappointed.

But I thought that it would definitely be helpful for the ticket sales for the show if there were more practitioners to go and help. Once I had this thought in my mind, I found practitioners who were willing to go. Now, I am full of confidence and three of us can go together. Soon Ahui called me and said that two more practitioners wanted to go as well. That is great, and now 5 people will fill one car. Later on, Shaohong wanted to go but there were no more seats available. I felt very bad and thought that if we could have a second car, it would be good.

Close to midnight on Saturday night, I called Yu Xiao who lives in S city and asked her what we could do there when we arrived. After a long conversation, Yu Xiao told me that there were very few people on the street in S city and they didn’t anticipate being able to distribute many flyers. I was quite disappointed and even thought of canceling the trip. But I thought about it again and felt that we still had to go. No matter what we could do there, it was still collaborating with the practitioners in S city.

Early Sunday morning, Ahuan and I did the 5th exercise and had a quick breakfast. We left a few minutes past 7am and drove to pick up the other practitioners. Just after we got on the road, Wei called us and said that he wanted to go too and that we could drive his minivan, which could hold 7 people. Ahuan then called Shaohong and asked her whether she wanted to go and she said “Yes.”

Therefore, Ahui brought those three practitioners who wanted to go and we agreed to meet. With those 7 practitioners, we filled the minivan and drove to S city.

A Miraculous Episode, Part II
Around 11am, we arrived at the center of S city. There were very few people on the street. According to the suggestions made by a practitioner in S city, we dropped 4 practitioners at a farmers market. The remaining 3 of us went to the front of the convention center in the city, which was supposed to have a convention there according to what we had researched. In addition, it was only a few steps away from the theater where the Shen Yun performance would be. We drove our van there and looked around with confusion. It was already after 11am and only a few people were walking on the empty street. We did not know whether we should get off there, so I called the practitioners in S city and they told me that the convention was from 10am to 5pm. Later we decided not to wonder anymore and stayed there to distribute flyers.

So Ahuan and I got out of the van and took the flyers and display boards to set up on the street. Wei went to find parking for the van. Ahuan and I stood at two spots. Just at this moment, a miracle happened. All of a sudden, a crowd came upon us like waves and we didn’t know where they had come from. Both Ahuan and I wished we had ten pair of hands since we could not give away flyers fast enough. After a while, Ahuan called me and said that he was out of “special edition” newspapers and needed more as soon as possible. Wei went back and forth to the van and carried more materials to us without any rest. It seemed like half of the city’s population had gathered in this place. I was so delighted and said in my heart continuously, “Thank you Master!”

A Miraculous Episode, Part III
Soon, the other 4 practitioners came to the theater entrance. There was an ordinary people’s show at 2pm that afternoon. The 4 of them spread around the front door of the theater before the show and distributed plenty of flyers. When it was 3:30pm, the show ended and 6 of us divided into two groups and stood at the two entrances. We gave out a lot of flyers again after the show. The audience members were relatively higher-class people. It was the capitol of the state and there were many government officials and staff members of the city government there.

The story didn’t end yet. Next to the theater, there was a big IMAX theater. There was a new movie called “Avatar” starting at 5pm at this theater. People were in a long line waiting to purchase movie tickets. So they, of course, became recipients for our flyers.

We spent a perfect and efficient day in S city like this. Everyone was happy and said, “It was truly worth it to come here today.” On our way back home in the evening, I recollected this miraculous trilogy and realized that everything was arranged very orderly by Master. I understood that this was a precious opportunity that Master had arranged for us a long time ago in order to save sentient beings.

I would like to thank Master for his enormous compassion and thank everyone for their sincere cooperation.

Published on January 12, 2010

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/1/12/63687.html

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