Selling Tickets for Shen Yun Is Not That Difficult

A Dafa Practitioner in Montreal

PureInsight | April 3, 2010

[] I would like to share some of my experiences selling tickets for Shen Yun in the hope that they might help readers.

I am a new practitioner and I have practiced Dafa for three years. Before that I was a Christian. Master once told me in a dream that people were quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. After waking up, I read the report on the CCP’s illicit organ harvesting from Falun Dafa practitioners and also found the Dafa books. Since then, I have been a Dafa practitioner.

In the past three years, Master gave me a brand new life. In the past, I never knew life in this human world could be so peaceful and so full of hope. I found no language could describe my great thanks to Master. Every morning, when opening my eyes, the first person that I wanted to offer thanks to is Master. Sometimes, I just cannot believe that I could be so lucky becoming a disciple of Master. The Lord of Buddhas is in this human world; the Lord of Lords that the Bible talks about is in this human world. Sometimes, I felt so blessed and I almost couldn't believe everything was true. Every day, I was telling myself: “I must be diligent, I must work hard, and I will not let Master feel disappointed in me. I really do not want Master to be worried about me.”

Promoting Shen Yun is the first project that I participated in after I became a practitioner. I found it is such a sacred task, and I have been participating in it with my whole heart.

What I wanted to share is that I found selling tickets is not a very difficult thing. If we really have the heart of saving people, even with limited language ability, we can still sell tickets; at least we can give out fliers. Here in Montreal, more than 60 percent of the people speak French, while most of our practitioners here speak no French or very poor French. My French is not that good, either. I can only handle very basic conversation. The miracle is, when I was selling tickets, I found I had no more problems with my French. I knew this was from Master’s help. In the meantime, I also made lots of efforts improving myself too. In order to be able to sell tickets in French, I did lots of preparation. Last year, I read almost all the Chinese and English reports about Shen Yun. After reading, I wrote down everything that I need to tell people about the show. Then I practiced the introduction in French as fluently as I could in Chinese. I also spent lots of effort in the preparation. The result was rewarding; I found people liked to listen, and some told me that they did not know it was such a great show. I was not very good at selling tickets right on the spot, but a few days later, people came to me telling me that they bought tickets. I felt happy for them from the bottom of my heart.

I also found selling tickets is a very sacred mission; I love to sell tickets. I like to smile to every person walking in front of me, and I feel they are all very precious. When I was standing there, I always had in mind what Master told us, that they also came from Heaven and were also Gods before. I knew Master has prepared a big boat of life and only the people that get on board can be saved. My mission is to tell people this great message, to use all my heart to help people to watch the show. Every time I went to sell tickets, I told myself, “I am so lucky that I could become a Dafa Disciple; it is such an honor that I could sell tickets and that I could be a messenger of Master.” I never felt uncomfortable selling tickets or giving out fliers in the mall, although I was a senior computer consultant when I was in China and often gave trainings to big managers in big companies.

2007 was the first year I gained the Great Fa and also the first year for me to sell tickets. Because I was not that tall I was wearing high-heeled shoes in the mall and my toenails got crushed and bloody. Because we started the project too late that year we only sold 70 percent of the tickets. I watched the last day's performance with my family. Almost half of the theater was empty, most of the empty seats were the best seats right in the front. I felt so sad that I could not help crying during the whole show, and the two acts about how our fellow practitioners were suffering in China made me even more painful. I felt my heart was falling to pieces.

2008 was the second year for me to sell tickets. I really did not want things to happen like the first year again. In early September when the project just started, we started to hand out fliers in the street of Chinatown. We don't have many practitioners here, so most of the time I was giving out fliers by myself in the street until November, when it was too cold to be outside. I went to a very big and busy mall almost every day for one month. I was standing there six hours each day and talking the whole time. I only took a 20 minute break to finish my sandwich. We sold lots of tickets in that mall, sometimes 120 tickets each day. When the project was almost finished, I lost my voice. Because I was a new practitioner, I did not resist the interference. I was coughing the whole night and my husband couldn't fall asleep, so he sent me to sleep on the sofa. One week later, I went to sell tickets again. I was still coughing the first day; two days later, though, I had no more problems.

This year is the third year for me to sell tickets. I found I had more power this time. I could stand in the mall distributing fliers to people for seven hours without stopping. The first year, when I smiled for a very long time, I felt my face would not listen to me anymore. In the second year, when I smiled for a long time, I found I had to use my strength to squeeze out a smile. This year, I found my smile just came out from my heart by itself. In the mall, I not only smiled to everyday people, I also liked to smile to my fellow practitioners—I just felt very happy in the mall. Sometimes, I felt young and light like I was only five years old. I saw people burst out smiling just looking at me smiling there. Before I began to speak, they walked to me for the fliers, or sometimes they just stopped there waiting for me to explain more. This year there were also lots of little kids that came to me asking for fliers. Since we sold all the tickets last year, this year we doubled the amount to sell. We have less than 100 practitioners here, but we sold 10,000 tickets, 92 percent of the total. Later, a fellow practitioner told us that she saw Master came here to watch the show with us.

All I wanted to share with you is that selling tickets is not that difficult. Put a big smile on your face, and let compassion arise in your heart. If we all have the same strong heart to save people, Master can help us to make the miracles happen.

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