The Purpose of Life Is Fa-rectification Cultivation

Jing Lian, a Dafa practitioner in Jilin Province, China

PureInsight | April 3, 2010

[] I started to practice Falun Dafa in late 1996. I used to have many human notions. Under Master’s care, I have stumbled along on my path up to today. In the process, I have done many things that a practitioner should not do. But Master did not abandon me and has been looking after me. My home also became a truth-clarification material production site in my area.

My celestial eye has been open since I was very young. Within several months after my birth, through my celestial eye I saw Falun, which had the same color as that on the Dafa books. When seeing Falun revolving, I was frightened and cried. Then I saw an elderly person dressed in Taoist clothes who waved his arm and the Falun faded away. I saw such a scene twice.

I began to suffer when I was seven years old. One day, someone took advantage of me and I saw a giant piece of black substance floating to the person. It was such a giant piece that I almost felt the day had turned dark. At the same time, a giant piece of white substance—of the same amount—floated toward me. I was surprised: “Where did the fog come from?” Ever since I was very young, I have been suffering, and now I understand the purpose of my life is Fa-rectification cultivation. My life journey is not accidental and it was in fact arranged by Master.

I am a school teacher and I used to be a class advisor in an elementary school. When busy at work, I did not have much time to study the Fa. After a while I had a wish: “Would it be possible for me to have a job that is less busy so that I can have more time to study the Fa and work on Dafa projects?” Within a year, I was transferred to a middle school and stopped being a class advisor. I thus had more time for Fa-study and coordinating the work of the truth-clarification material production site.

I felt our daily jobs are arranged by Master and we should not pay too much attention to material gain. After all, those gains are external to our true self. Master said, “Wealth without virtue will harm all sentient beings, while wealth with virtue is what all people hope for. Therefore, one cannot be affluent without promoting virtue” (“Wealth with Virtue,” Essentials for Further Advancement). I hope those practitioners with human notions who are still attached to fame and sentimentality can let go of these pursuits. Only by letting go of them, can we start to have things of a god. My current understanding is that everything I have is from Master and I should do my job well. Other than maintaining my everyday life, the rest of my income should be used to validate the Fa. Money is not something we practitioners should pursue. However, doing our job well is safeguarding the Fa-principles at this level of everyday society.

Through Fa-study and letting go of human attachments, I came to understand that everything we do today should supplement what is needed for Dafa. We are the hope that sentient beings count on for their salvation. When pursuing monetary or material gains, that is not genuine cultivation. Master said, “Those who are attached to money are actually seeking wealth and doing sham cultivation. Such people would spoil the Buddha's teachings and the Law. They are in fact idling away their lives, not cultivating Buddhahood.” (“Cultivators’ Avoidances,” Essentials for Further Advancement).

Let us work hard to fulfill our prehistoric vows and not let down the title of being a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple. Let us be Master’s genuine Dafa disciples!

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