About Eliminating Sickness Karma, Hospital Treatments and Letting Go of Life and Death

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PureInsight | March 16, 2010

[PureInsight.org] Recently, several fellow practitioners who were eliminating sickness karma went to the hospital. For a long time, my understanding regarding this matter was only limited to a perceptual understanding. I thought that most practitioners who went to the hospital hadn’t studied the Fa well and that most of them were elderly. I thought that for these practitioners, the old forces took advantage of their loopholes. However, later I realized that the issue was not that simple. The key question here was whether those practitioners were clear-headed on the Fa principles. In another words, it was a question of whether they could believe in Master and Dafa firmly and let go of life and death. Because in gods’ eyes, there is no such concept of a hospital or death.

Ever since we started to cultivate, we have all become familiar with the concept of letting go of life and death. In the human world, death manifests often as the progression from minor sickness to serious sickness and then hospitalization and finally death. People have already gotten used to this kind of thinking. In order to change this kind of thinking, it really takes a long course of cultivation within the Fa. Master wants us to change the “human” logic that we, as ordinary humans, have formed deep in our bones over thousands of years. Master has taught us in many lectures about it. In fact, if one believes in Master and Dafa firmly, one can pass the test of sickness karma for sure. Every practitioner has gone through a similar experience. If one can’t pass the test, it is a stain on one’s cultivation, or at least his/her cultivation state and realm haven’t met the requirements of Dafa.

A local elderly practitioner went to the hospital when she was no longer able to endure some sickness karma. Then her right arm developed a hard purple lump that was about the size of a coin. Her family members and the doctor thought someone had pinched her arm. However, the purple lump gradually changed into a clear  symbol. Around it were small Taiji and small  symbols. It was really the Falun Emblem. However, she didn’t get that this was Master’s hint. She still took shots and transfusions. Several days later, she lost consciousness. After she was resuscitated by emergency medical treatment, a family member who was also a Dafa practitioner asked her, “Where did you go?” She said, “I went to another dimension.” The other practitioner said, “What did you see?” And she said, “I saw Master. I sat to the left of Master.” “What did Master say?” “Master said my cultivation was not up to the standard.” In fact, didn’t all those practitioners who went to the hospital do poorly on this matter? They didn’t meet the requirements of Dafa and made Master worried. Although it involves the old forces, which play a part, and other complicated factors, if one’s righteous thoughts are strong, and with a will of steel, one can make it through the pass.

Several years ago a serious sickness hit me hard. At that moment, I felt my life was very fragile and vulnerable. I was home alone. “If I die now, no family members will be here,” I thought. I was so scared and panicked. However, I was still clear-headed, “The old forces want to take my life away? Or it is a big chunk of sickness karma passing? No matter what, nothing can stop me! Master and all the righteous gods are beside me. All the righteous gods in the universe are watching my every single thought and idea!” So I said to myself, “Master, I can go through the pass! I will for sure!” I recited, “Cause and Effect” from “Hong Yin:”

“‘Tis not that the journey of cultivation is painful,
Karma from generation upon generation is blocking you.
Steel your will,
eliminate karma,
cultivate xinxing,
And become a Buddha who keeps forever the human body.”

It seemed like a long time, but when I looked at the clock, only 5 minutes had passed. At that minute, although my body ached so much that I dared not move a bit, my thoughts were very clear, “With Master here, and with the Fa here, nothing can move me!” I was sweating all over and I could barely open my eyes. My strong righteous thoughts were beyond the pain on the surface. In my deepest thoughts I felt joyful and relaxed. However, right at that moment I felt an evil cloud was approaching me from far away. An evil claw inside the cloud reached out toward my face. I clearly felt a wave of foreboding and pressure from the evil cloud. I could hardly breathe. My spirit became so tiny that it could be taken away by the evil easily. But my “thoughts” were very firm, “You can’t move me! You can’t move me!” The evil claw almost touched my nose. It paused, and then it slowly left. After a while, I no longer sweat and all the pain was gone. I sat up and was able to eat and drink. After this test of life and death, I deeply realized that when the sickness karma comes, you will not pass out immediately. There will be some time for you to think “clearly,” i.e., when you are sober minded, which one will you choose: Dafa or the hospital? Firmly believe in Dafa! This moment is very critical! Everything depends on that moment. If you are not firm in Dafa or you hesitate a little bit, or you think of the “hospital,” immediately your sickness will become more serious and you will be taken to the hospital. The test of life and death is absolutely not vague.

Once you are in the hospital, the doctor will say something that scares you, like how sick you are. Then he will give you medicine, shots, a transfusion, etc. All these will weaken your righteous thoughts further and drag you down into the state of “ordinary people.” If you think medicine and shots can cure you, you are really an “ordinary person.” Then the old forces will be happy because they could finally take advantage of your loophole of not believing in Master and Dafa to persecute you. A fellow practitioner told me this story. A practitioner went to the hospital. When her righteous thoughts became strong and she wanted to leave the hospital, the doctor said, “Your symptoms are complicated. Wait until all the doctors discuss your case before you leave.” Of course the conclusion of the doctors was that she was seriously ill and thus she couldn’t leave the hospital. At one time, she was being treated by two doctors. The doctors pulled her hair and slapped her face over and over. It was not healing patients, but hurting patients rudely. And the laughter from the doctors was like an evil cackle and very scary. The practitioner felt those two doctors were not human beings but evil beings. She still felt scared a long time after this happened. She said she would never go to the hospital again.” When she studied the Fa diligently, she became healthy.

Now I remember another story. Many years ago, an ordinary person in our local area had cancer. Doctors said it was incurable, so his family members were making arrangements for his funeral. At the last minute, one of his relatives, who’s also a Dafa practitioner, said to him, “Only Dafa can save you. Can you believe?” He couldn’t open his eyes, so he just nodded. So the practitioner brought him tapes of Master’s lectures. This cancer patient kept listing to one tape after another. He recovered very quickly. At the beginning, he could open his eyes and drink milk. Then he could get up from the bed and walk around slowly. In the end he said, “Let me leave the hospital! I want to go home and study Dafa!” Now this person is still cultivating Falun Dafa. Compared to him, many veteran practitioners treated themselves as ordinary people when they went through sickness karma. What a big difference! Practitioners all understand that hospital treatments are just to postpone the karma. The karma still exists. Sooner or later you need to pay off the karma. So why not just grit your teeth and steel your will to follow whatever Dafa requires! Let Master decide whether you go or stay. Master said:

“Some students experience all sorts of hardships after taking up Dafa. If you didn't cultivate, those tribulations would lead to your destruction. But precisely because you do cultivate in Dafa, even though the pressure you face is great when the hardships come at you earlier than they would have, and the tests of your xinxing are tough to pass—and sometimes the tests may be huge—when all is said and done, those hardships are all things you need to overcome, they are accounts you need to settle, tabs that you need to pay. (Audience laughs) Aren't they great things, then? So whether it is good things or bad things you run into, so long as you cultivate in Dafa, they are all positive, to be sure.” (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)

The process of Fa-rectification is going faster and faster, so the chances of “making up” for improperly handling sickness karma are becoming less and less. We really can’t ignore it. The other day a practitioner told me a story. He set up an infrared ray monitor in his store. At night he wanted to test the device, so he turned off all the lights and walked under the monitor. Then on the monitor screen, he saw Falun Emblems and  symbols all over the room, especially around his body. His body was transparent and clear. This shows that the Fa-rectification process has really come to the surface. Dafa practitioners’ bodies are already perfect in other dimensions. Don’t pollute your body with medicine and shots from hospitals. Pass every test well, seize every opportunity to improve xinxing, let go of life and death, and truly meet the requirements of the new universe.

This is just my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/12/23/63272.html

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