Getting Rid of the Attachment to Comparisons and Preferences

Xiang Ta

PureInsight | April 12, 2010

[] “Birds of a feather flock together." This makes sense in this human world, but we cultivators need to be on the alert and pay attention to it because this is an attachment.

I attended college by a lucky coincidence, and following, sensed college study was not a waste. I felt completely changed—my style of conversation, temperament and self-cultivation were immeasurably different from in the past. I developed an aloof, arrogant and bookish cast of mind and preferred contact with similar people. “Being reluctant to contact others” actually meant I looked down on people who were not like me.

After I cultivated Dafa, I didn’t think about the root cause of this issue until now. After a gangster beat me, I looked inside at my problems. Why was I beaten under the watchful eyes of other people, which created quite a stir? I looked down on and did not care about certain practitioners, especially my wife. I didn’t respect them and said whatever I liked to say. I didn’t realize I already hurt them.

Watching the piece, “The Monkey King Triumphs,” in the Divine Performing Arts show made me realize certain things. Tang Seng’s three disciples looked so different, and their personalities were also very different. Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) was monkey-like; Zhu Bajie (the pig) was slovenly dressed and lazy; Sha Heshang was terse, but Tang Seng could make them work together. After innumerable hardships, they finally achieved righteous attainment. This moved me. I couldn’t even tolerate my wife and cooperate well with her. Compared to Tang Seng, I was so far behind! Although I had studied the Fa for many years, on this matter I lacked solid cultivation. I watched another Divine Performing Arts program called “The Mystical Phoenix.” When all the dancers' movements commenced into one big majestic phoenix, I was shocked—it represented the “whole body.” The power of cooperation of the whole is mighty. Master gave me hints to cooperate and collaborate well with others, to form one body.

My attachment made me intolerant and prevented me from accepting others. One could easily indulge one's ego and become ego-centric, more selfish, and wouldn’t have one altruistic thought.

Actually, very often we need to learn from different kinds of people. Although my wife's opinions differ from mine, I still can learn from her in some areas.

The above is just my understanding at my current level.

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