Some Understandings on Thinking Outside the Box

Lian Zi

PureInsight | July 26, 2010

[] Sometimes life is like a whirlpool—we are trapped and unable to get out. When jumping out, however, we would find that our surroundings are not that perplexing.

Cultivation is also similar to this. When looking back on my cultivation journey, I found I was often trapped and unable to get out. When discussing it with a fellow practitioner recently, I realized that I was often stuck in small things. With that mindset, the more I tried to struggle, the deeper I was trapped.

When looking back, I found that I focused too much on the specific, individual matter. By merely trying to finish it as soon as possible, I tended to ignore the big picture.

In fact, nothing is accidental. Since the tribulation happened, there must be some reasons behind it and it must be an opportunity for me to improve. By letting go of human notions and remaining undisturbed, the tribulation would probably not happen. This is because as we improve our xinxing, we will reach certain levels and the incidents would not be able to affect us anymore.

If, when encountering anything, we can relate it to our cultivation and our improvement, we will be able to find our attachments and correct ourselves in time. If we can continue to look at things in this way and not with human notions, we are actually at higher levels and able to remain undisturbed.

Thinking about it further, for example, if we look at the society from outside, or look at the Three Realm from the outside, or look at the persecution from the outside, we will then be able to understand things better from the perspective of Fa-rectification.

I often felt cultivation was very bitter, because I was looking at things with human notions. If we are able to jump outside of ourselves and see things from higher levels, we will understand the big picture much better and fulfill our missions better.

The above are some of my understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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