Eliminating the Evil Communist Specter from the Ancient Divine Land

An Indian practitioner

PureInsight | October 4, 2010

[PureInsight.org] The Cosmos is a physical system that operates by objective physical laws. To understand what would lead to a true evolution, growth and perfection of ourselves, as beings existing in the Cosmos, we need to understand those Laws and live in accordance with them.

Anything that is not based on these physical Laws is but a notion. When a system of notions goes against what is objectively true in the Cosmos, it leads to the destruction and elimination of anything that assimilates its conscious-nature to it.

The evil communist party and its evil ideology are such a set of notions – a system of blind belief that marches its believers to their absolute destruction. When it teaches – for absolute truth – that higher beings and divine beings do not exist, on what science or objective reality is it basing the statements?

Is it not possible that material dimensions exist? Then, is it not possible that there exists a hierarchy of material dimensions in the Cosmos, and beings exist in them? The evil party does not just deny people the right to explore and seek the truth for themselves, but deceives them through lies, indoctrination and propaganda. Some of its victims are so pitifully deceived by its evil philosophy that they cannot bear to see those who think, those who wish to explore, discover and form for themselves a true understanding of the Cosmos.

The Chinese, with 5000 years of semi-divine culture, are too great a people to live forever in meek subservience to the ways of an evil party that continually manipulates them, while denying them the very guardianship of their own thoughts.


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