Achieving Consummation in One Lifetime

A Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | October 11, 2010


In “Lecture in Sydney”, Master Li said:

“However, it is said in Buddhism that you cannot succeed in your cultivation in one lifetime, and that only after a few reincarnations can you succeed in your cultivation. Namely, you are unable to eliminate that much karma all at once. However, if you really want to practice cultivation, we will find a way to allow you to succeed in your cultivation in this lifetime and to complete it in this one lifetime. If you really are very old or your life is very short and there is not enough time left, you will carry the Falun into the end of your life span and be reincarnated. As soon as you are born, you will carry it to connect to the next predestined relationship.”

Before I obtained the Fa, I searched everywhere for Truth. I was reading many books pertaining to spirituality in hopes of finding answers to questions I had. At one point, I was reading books pertaining to Tibetan Buddhism, such as the book of “Life and Death” and books about various lamas. I remember what surprised me at that time is after reading about a lifetime of a great lama and the various hardships he had to endure on his path, in addition to many years spent in meditation, it would be said that such and such boy is his reincarnated soul. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is common to identify reincarnations of previous lamas. Dalai Lama also conforms to those reincarnations. I thought to myself: “If after such a long and difficult lifetime of spiritual practice, enduring persecution by the Chinese communist regime, even such great lamas could not succeed to Consummate, what to say about an ignorant and worldly person like myself? Is there any hope for me?”

Many years passed since then and many difficulties were endured. Finally, after passing many of life's challenges, I was fortunate enough to obtain the Fa. Recently, I began an independent project of sending truth clarification letters to various temples and monasteries around the world. I hope that those with predestined relationships could read those letters and be saved. I hope that they can learn about Falun Dafa and perhaps one day cultivate in the Great Law.

Master said in Hong Yin:

“One day, the Fa mended,
to every monastery it shall spread.”
(Hong Yin, “Visiting the Hanging Monastery”)

While doing my research on those places, I came across some biographies of well known lamas. I remembered my previous questions I had as a young woman. I again read about their lives dedicated to spirituality, about the hardships and sacrifices and the divine experiences their close disciples experienced upon their Masters leaving the body. There are pictures of their current reincarnations, striking resemblances are seen in those young boys to their previous forms as lamas. Among those Masters are Buddha Sakyamuni's disciples. Tibetan Buddhism keeps a careful record of all the reincarnations of his disciples. I was surprised to see coloured photos of those great souls.

Master said that cultivation in the past was very difficult. After I learned Falun Dafa, I understood why those Masters had to reincarnate again. First, there is the issue of transformation of karma, which cannot be done in one lifetime alone, or even in many lifetimes, unless one cultivates in the Great Law. Then there is the issue that in the past was the secret of secrets, that all cultivation ways of the past cultivated one's assistant consciousness, and when it achieved Consummation, the main consciousness continued the cycle of reincarnation. In Falun Dafa, it is the main spirit that is cultivated, and in addition to Falun and thousands of energy mechanisms that allow a person to cultivate while living among ordinary people and a large portion of karma that is eliminated by Master Li, one can succeed in cultivation in one lifetime.

In “Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston” Master said:

“Do you know what the bodies of today’s people are like? When giving a class I see that black stuff fills the bone marrow of some students. Of course, it can’t be seen in this dimension since karma exists in other dimensions. Then what should be done? The human body, from microcosmic particles to surface particles, and looked at layer after layer from small to large and three-dimensionally, is just like the many growth rings in a tree; no layer is clean. I want to purify your body from its innermost part. If you don’t cultivate, no one will do this sort of thing for you. In the past, Buddhism taught that humans couldn’t succeed at cultivation in one lifetime, that humans themselves can’t purify themselves, and that to improve is even more difficult. If a person wants to cultivate forth, the person must have a righteous Law; only then will it work. If you want to cultivate in the Great Law, I will take the karma stored up in those bodies of yours, the pollution that was created, and the causes behind all that is bad in your bodies, and push them out. You wouldn’t be able to endure it if it was pushed out from your surface material body all at once; you would die. Then what should be done? In the process of pushing it out, most of it will be taken away through other dimensions and moved away from your body. Only an extremely small portion will be pushed out through the surface of your body.

Why does it leave through the surface? Wouldn’t it be done with if all of it left through other dimensions? Doing it that way doesn’t accord with the laws of Heaven. With gain, there must be loss. When one owes something one has to repay it. These are the laws of Heaven.”

We are so incredibly fortunate to obtain Dafa – the Great Law, which allows a being to succeed in cultivation in one lifetime. We should cherish this opportunity and cultivate diligently, fulfilling our vows. My sincere wish is for those great lamas and other devoted spiritual seekers to one day obtain Dafa, and hopefully their previously accumulated virtue through lifetimes of cultivation, would allow them to cultivate quickly and achieve the Right Fruit.

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