Do Not Differentiate People When Saving Human Beings

A Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | October 11, 2010

[] I travelled to my home village on a holiday break and was deeply touched by what happened when I came across people. I could feel that sentient beings were waiting for us to save them. I also felt that practitioners’ minds would have an effect when saving sentient beings.

In the train, a middle-aged man and his child sat opposite me. They were on their way home after taking his child to visit a doctor. He looked to be a simple and humble man. Besides them, a young female university student dressed fashionably sat next to me. She did not talk to anyone and had her head down busy with her mobile phone.

I thought I would focus on the man and his child to clarify the truth. I felt they were good people and were the most likely to be saved. I paid no attention to the young female student because of my attachment to differentiating between people. I turned to the child who was a lively girl. I felt an affinity between us and thought she would be the most easy to save. I read with her, told her stories and offered her fruit. She read a fairy tale but said that she did not believe it was true. I tried to persuade her to quit the CCP but she shook her head and did not believe what I said, and I was disappointed this child did not believe me.

That night, all the passengers fell asleep. At dawn, I chatted with the girl’s father who sat opposite me and I talked about the three withdrawals. He agreed to quit the CCP. As we were going to get off the train, I turned to the young female university student. I was a bit hesitant about telling her to quit the CCP, unsure whether she would accept it or not. But a thought flashed through my mind that this could be the only chance to save her and I may never ever see her again. A righteous thought came to mind that I should not miss this chance and we happily chatted. I talked about quitting the CCP in just a few words and straightway she agreed to quit. She said goodbye to me with a smile before she got off the train. I felt relieved because I had not missed the chance to save someone. But the little girl did not believe what I said no matter how hard I tried to persuade her. I was somehow disappointed because I had been so sure that I could have persuaded her when we were in the train. I thought it could be a result of my strong attachment to differentiating between people before clarifying the truth. I had used a human attachment to try to save sentient beings. Besides, I had the attachment of impatience when clarifying the truth to the little girl. I now hope she will run into other Dafa practitioners and be saved.

I arrived in my home village. I went to a friend’s shop to clarify the truth to my friend. There were two customers chatting in the shop. I thought that it was inconvenient for me to clarify the truth there as there were too many people. I waited for them to leave (this was an attachment of fear and protecting myself). But instead of leaving the shop, the customers sat down to drink some wine. I then realized that I should let go of the attachments of fear and self-protection. I started chatting with them. We had a very good chat. One of the customers said that his father used to practice Falun Gong. He had known that Falun Dafa was good but had never heard about the three withdrawals. He also helped me to clarify the truth. He told the owner of the shop that it was the owner’s graceful luck that a Dafa practitioner had arrived at this shop. There were altogether five people in the shop who sat around the table to eat. All of them quit the CCP.

We should not have an attachment of differentiation towards human beings. We should not use our own human thoughts to classify people or reckon on how easily or difficult it is for a person to be saved. This kind of attachment will affect our saving sentient beings efficiently. We must treat all sentient beings with compassion and apply the righteous thoughts and wisdom that Dafa gave us. Only then are we able to save more sentient beings.

The above are some of my experiences to share with fellow practitioners.

I sincerely thank our Great Master and fellow practitioners.

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