Cultivation Story: Lotus Flower in Blossom

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | November 9, 2010

[] We had a large scale anti-torture truth-clarification event in my city last weekend. Some Falun Dafa practitioners in nearby cities also came to support. During the event, many pedestrians saw us doing the Falun Dafa exercises. Some of them stopped to watch and even mimicked some of the movements. We also distributed many beautiful paper lotus flowers. The passersby always thanked us when leaving with the lotus flowers. “Thank you very much,” and “We wish you success,” they said.

Then I saw a beautiful scene through my celestial eye. As a Falun Dafa practitioner opened their mouth to clarify the truth, a delicate and beautiful lotus blossom emerged from the heart of the practitioner. The flower moved elegantly as the practitioner moved around. Without any instructions, the flowers from each of the practitioners gathered together—just like living beings—and formed a giant lotus flower. The giant flower, just like the individual ones, shined with nobility with purity.

More interestingly, no matter whether looking from the front, side, above, or below, the giant flower always appeared as thousands of individual flowers. The flower kept rotating in this dimension. The petals gently touched people’s hearts as practitioners clarified the truth to everyday people. As an everyday person understood the truth, the tip of the petal produced a clear drop of dew, which then turned into a small lotus flower that went into the person’s heart.

As more and more people understood the truth, more and more flowers were placed in people’s hearts—all of them were generated from the giant lotus flower. This was indeed a splendid scene. The individual lotus flowers emerged from each practitioner’s heart, formed into the giant sacred lotus flower, and then spread to pedestrians’ hearts, establishing a precious karmic relationship. These lotus flowers, with different sizes and colors, were all very beautiful.

Noble and lofty, the pure and righteous lotus flowers display in front of sentient beings. They bring the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa to people and to all sentient beings.


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