Understanding Elements Behind Fear

Ru Yi

PureInsight | October 23, 2010

[PureInsight.org] Through cultivation I realized that looking within does not mean merely identifying superficial problems. Instead, we have to dig deeper and find the roots. Only by completely eliminating human notions can we strengthen righteous thoughts.

In the past, I had an attachment to fear whether clarifying the truth or distributing truth-clarification materials. In order to let go of the attachment, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the fear as well as the dark minions, the CCP evil specter, and interfering elements in other dimensions, but the result was unsatisfactory. I became nervous fearing that I was lagging behind in the Fa-rectification momentum. So I decided to dig further and identify the roots of this attachment.

I asked myself exactly what was I in fear of? Was it the fear of being arrested and tortured, which is related to the attachment to comfort? Was it fear of leaving family members, which is related to sentimentality? Did I in fear losing face in front of relatives and friends after they found out I had been persecuted, which is related to reputation? Or, was it fear of the discontinuation of my salary and leaving the family in poverty, which is related to material interest, etc.

After identifying these deep notions behind the fear, I sent forth righteous thoughts and eliminated the attachment to comfort, to reputation, to material interests, and to sentimentality. These thoughts are human notions that were developed in the everyday world. Together with old forces and dark minions, they take advantage of our loopholes and interfere with our cultivation.

In identifying these human notions, I felt much better, as if having unloaded some heavy burden. With righteous thoughts strengthened, I now have less fear when going out to distribute truth-clarification materials. I am able to go to many places that I dared not go in the past.

A number of places I went had steel gates, but all of the gates would be unlocked. Once, I even put truth-clarification materials in front of a police officer’s home. We looked straight at each other, but he just stared as if he was speechless and I left safely.

I came to understand that a god does not have any attachment of fear. Fear is part of human notions and related to the selfish nature of beings in the old cosmos. A Dafa disciple needs to replace human notions with righteous thoughts in order to return to our original place.

Above are my personal understandings. Please point out any part that may be inappropriate.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/10/14/69043.html

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